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The Story Behind the Budapest Riots

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  • The Story Behind the Budapest Riots

    So Mike, Oona Von B, sometimes known as Una Persson, arrives in Budapest and all of a sudden, on the very same day, the biggest riots since the end of communism break out here, accompanied by incessant rain.

    A coincidence? Let me be the first to doubt it, especially considering Una's previous adventures and entanglements in Eastern Europe! I think there's a story to be told here... I'll be happy to hear it.

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    Has she got the situation under control by now?
    Google ergo sum


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      When I met wonderful Oona on Wednesday night she assured me she had had nothing to do with the proceedings in the Hungarian capital. While I naturally believed the impeccable fraulein, her cigarillo-smoking guardian, who introduced himself only as "Sascha" (a scion of the von Mincts perhaps?), eyed me quite suspiciously the entire time and so I refrained from inquiring any further into the subject. I won't be surprised if his previous destination had been Thailand, masterminding a certain coup d'état... A nice fellow nevertheless, and a talented karting driver to boot as the rumor goes. A very memorable evening altogether. Oona was kind enough to sign a certain book in which she plays a major role. I hope to meet the couple again next year, as well as the other parts of the family.