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    My Corner of the Multiverse

    Are the stars and planets lining up for me?

    Well, let me start somewhere near the beginning. I have always loved science fiction and fantasy from my childhood days. I grew up on a beautiful ranch now that I think back about it. Sometimes idyllic and carefree, other times scary and tumultuous for a little boy growing up on an Indian reservation. Our place was lined against dense trees not far from the Grand River. I grew up in the saddle and knew a lot about hard labor from small boy to manhood. My father probably expected or hoped for me to be a cowboy and take up where he left off someday.

    From as far back as I can remember I was a reader, devouring books and books. Discovering the local town library was a magical experience that I took advantage of whenever we made it to town. Collecting comic books was also another of my favorite past times. I was also an artist. When I wanted to escape from the rigors of ranch life, those passions of reading and art were my sanctums. Moorcock, Tolkien, and Rice Burroughs were my favorite authors growing up. I discovered Moorcock in high school and it had a great affect on me. Of course, Elric was my favorite character and I could always feel some relation to him. My vivid imagination transported me to his realm very easily, his broodings sometimes correlating with my own.

    My father was a white man and my mother Native American. Maybe I was fortunate in some respects being a half-breed because it afforded me the opportunity to see life from both perspectives somewhat. My mother was from the city, my father a country boy so it was an absolutely odd pairing from their beginning. Eventually, this would prove to be their undoing. As I grew older I began to feel that I neither belonged in the white or native world. Going to school, I never really fit in with the popular social cliques very well. I gravitated more towards the outcasts and the nerds. This did not stop me from participating in sports though. I loved football and basketball. That was one arena I wanted to be in regardless of my social make up.

    In my latter high school and then college days I fell into theater and caught the bug. I played many different roles and felt at ease on the stage behind a costume and makeup. I had a great time in front of hundreds of people while on that stage. Being someone else other than myself came easy.

    Upon graduation, I got a job, got married, and had children. I knew those were things I always wanted to have in my life. But there was something missing. My creativity took a beating and a backseat to everything else. Sometimes I would daydream about the fantastical or the things that had happened to me or members of my family while growing up on the ranch. Maybe there were some stories there that I could share with others using my fertile imagination. These musings would play out like movies in my head, always there affecting my psyche. One day I made a list of all the memorable things from my childhood that made a lasting impression on me. I started thinking that maybe it would make a great movie. Thus, I began reading up on writing screenplays. I knew this might very well be my passion but I never truly acted on it because of the crushing responsibilities of being a husband, father and worker bee until only recently. Years went by but the images and memories from my youth still kept haunting me, telling me that they must be told. Sometimes fate has to take you by the throat and point you in the right direction. Such was my case I believe. I work on a college campus having oversite on a grant from Uncle Sam to assist Native Americans with economic development on our reservations in the area. Earlier this spring a new dean on campus became my supervisor. She graduated from NYU with her doctorate in Film and was offering a new course on film. My curiosity was obviously piqued. I signed up on the spot knowing that this would be a vehicle for my dormant creativity.

    The main thrust of the course was to have a completed movie treatment by the end of the semester. I knew now that if I was going to take this course, I would be forced to get my butt in gear on my dream. Most beginning authors write about what they know, hence I began looking at the list of moments in my life and began working those into a movie treatment. Another motivation to all of this was that my professor has 'connections' to the movie world and she promised the class that if our work warranted, she would help us break into the business. Talk about motivator. Once I started, it seemed like a new fire filled me. I had discovered something I was truly passionate about. My wife even supported me by reading and offering advice to keep me on track.

    Well, some of the stars were lining up it seemed.

    Halfway through the course, my job required me to travel to Sin City to attend a business conference. Fortunately, I was able to bring my wife with so we could have a nice little mini vacation. In the evenings we would walk the neon constructs with no real plans except to just enjoy each others company, a little shopping and people watching. It was on one of these walks that we happened to see a marquee at the Stardust that blurted out the words ELVIS. How could we resist. We went in and were promptly mesmerized by a young man doing a fantastic act modeled after the music legend.

    In the course of our viewing we sat at a table next to a pair of women. Coincidentally, the two were the mother and aunt to the impersonator. We struck up a conversation and eventually learned that the aunt worked in the movie business, a production manager at Universal Studios no less. She mentioned that her sister was a sitcom writer. I could not resist and mentioned that I was an aspiring screenplay writer. I explained to her my current premise. The next thing I know, she was handing me her contact information and telling me to call her when I have a completed screenplay that she could read. What were the odds of me running into this woman?

    Were these the planets converging?

    Could higher powers in the multiverse be opening a door for me telling me to get a move on? Needless to say, when I got back home, i diligently worked very hard to finish my treatment. I had no excuses. It seemed that maybe fate or other unseen powers wanted me to follow through on my dreams. At the end of the semester I handed in my treatment and got an A for my efforts.Now here I sit working on my screenplay. I have about 10 pages completed, only about 110 pages to go. I know not where it will lead me. My hopes are that it lands on the silver screen someday. Regardless of that, I know that I have finally found my 'passion'. It will serve to soothe my restless soul and fulfill my creative needs. This is my first blog and I will probably use this little corner of the multiverse to chronicle my further adventures into the process. I will talk a little more about my premise in future blogs and use this area when I experience writer's cramps or hit the wall. And if it entertains you, then all the better.

    Safe travels to you all.
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    Touching base...

    Happiness is finishing The Dreamthief's Daughter and starting The Skrayling Tree for the first time. And yes, I am still pushing on with my movie script. I'm at page 30 of 120 now and loving it. When time permits I will give you all a peak into what I'm writing. Safe travels all.