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Flightpaths Of Icarus

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  • voilodian ghagnasdiak
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    • Jun 2006
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    Flightpaths Of Icarus

    Icarus flew too near the sun
    Into the blue his red wax did run

    I went to watch the Beech D18S, Avro Lancaster and the Mitchell B25J take off from the CWH museum this morning. All three were heading to an airshow at the EAA Air Venture, Oshkosh, WI. It is hard to explain the symbolism of power that these planes represent. A pleasure to behold. The pilots talked to us for a good 1/2 hour and I would say that not one of them was under 60 years old. Its an honor to meet men of that stature.
    When you open the link click "Aircraft" on the very top.
    Next pick any plane from the Fighters, Trainers, Fighter Jets, Bombers, Army Co-op, Trainers or Anti-sub categories and click on it.
    Halfway down the right hand side you will see "photo" and "specs" icons.
    Click on "photos" and browse through until finding the one that you would prefer to view.
    Click on the photo that you have chosen and it will enlarge.
    The specs icon gives all the technical data pertaining to the chosen aircraft.
    The power of flight has protected us and helped to win wars for close to 80 years now.
    Its hard to fathom where we would be without it.
    One of the curators at the museum told me that more airforce personnel died due to the failure of the Wright Cyclone engines at point of liftoff than did at the hands of the Japanese military in WWII.
    I am fascinated with vehicles such as enpicted here and any other type of travel by air.
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