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  • Originally posted by UncleDes View Post
    Right.... one fer the road, then off to points East fer the next two weeks.
    Have a good trip!


    • The four best chants by Liverpool supporters during the game against Manchester United yesterday:

      To Wayne Rooner - "You're just a fat granny shagger" - he was accused in the press of using a prostitute who was a grandmother

      To United fans - "You two faced bastards, you hero is Scouse" - Rooney's from Liverpool

      And to the world in general - "Who's the Scouser in the wig?" - Rooney had a hair transplant in the summer.

      And my personal favourite, also to United fans - "You're Man United, you'll do as you're told".



      • Thingfish, no more Liverpool games, that's the second 75'' widecreen telly the Granbretanians have smashed up, also we have to keep Das out of the kitchen, the fire is still going and nobody can have any of Boabie's Multiversal Pies until it's out and we get the ovengoing again. Porcus, we need another cross channel trip, TF and I had a we had a really good sale weekend so we need restocked......especially the Glenmorangie and the Pusser's Rum. In the meantime I'll make do with some Springbank 30 year old and one of them Pan Tang Pole Dancers...again.... hic !!

        , [Ok Emerson ...oot the motor !!!!


        • Blimey guys, take it easy will you. Those nice chaps at customs will get a bit suspicious if the Moorcock Inn pantechnicon is seen crossing the channel too often.

          Any special orders?

          I'd better take one of those cases of Springbank and a spare Pan Tang Pole Dancer with me, in case it gets cold.


          • Definetely no more darts matches when the football's on, Sparrowhawk and Das took out half the Imrryr team and the referee as well. he'll never be able to focus with only one eye now. Porcus, if you can manage to get a tanker of Dom Perrignon 1971, that would be great, other than that TF will have to make do with the Toilet Duck ( again !! ) until the new consignment arrives. I found a barrel of Old Moorcock's Finest Real Genuine Fake Sporting Club Ale at the back of the cellar, I had to shove Tf's scooter out of the way, it moaned a bit like /stormbringer does so there's something weird there !!! anyway, herew's a flagon of Old Moorcock's finest and I'll keep then coming.

            , [Ok Emerson ...oot the motor !!!!


            • Toilet duck from 1971!!

              Tempting guys but i have to keep in shape what with next year being an olympic year.
              And that synchronised snoofling gold isnt going to win itself!
              "I hate to advocate drugs,alcohol,violence or insanity to anyone,but they've always worked for me"

              Hunter S Thompson


              • I can definitely recommend the Chimay Pères Trappistes Bruin. An excellent dubbel bier (6-7%).


                • I have a regulation dart board in my living room...and LOTS of tiny holes in the wall...

                  Tonight was dinner out with family - Italian, with lots of wine. Then to my house for a little backyard campfire, and Lagavulin. Nothing goes better with a peaty Islay single malt than a smokey fire! Lovely evening!



                  • Originally posted by white wolf's son View Post
                    Thingfish, no more Liverpool games, that's the second 75'' widecreen telly the Granbretanians have smashed up
                    I think you'll find, Woolfie, that the so called Granbretanians are actually a hellish alliance of Olde Mancunians and Yorkshireists. They have joined together to try to discredit the one true Red Army (tm) and other West Lancastrians by smashing up tellies whenever a Liverpool game is broadcast.

                    The real fix is to ban anyone from east of Wigan from the Inn until they can behave themselves. The coffers will survive as the Olde Mancunians steal the furniture to take back to their Surrey mansions and the Yorkshireists notoriously spend nothing whilst they're here anyway.

                    You'll need to be quick as the Liverpool vs Norwich game is on telly at 5:30 today.


                    • God save all here!

                      It'll just be a Berocca and a bag of salted nuts for me at the moment - I'm still a bit tender from this weekend's stag do in Bruges. Gorgeous weather, old friends and spectacular beer - life should always be that good.

                      (At least I made it back on the relative comfort of Eurostar last night; the Lancs-based majority were overnighting it on the ocean wave from Zebrugge to Hull.)

                      In other news, it might be worth grabbing a case of this the next time someone does a run to the cash-and-carry


                      Originally posted by BBC
                      A single malt distilled in one of Scotland's most remote distilleries has been named the world's best whisky by a leading expert.

                      Old Pulteney was crowned World Whisky of the Year in Jim Murray's 2012 Whisky Bible.
                      Attached Files


                      • I thought Old Pulteney was that smelly old drunk who never moves from the end of the bar. At least that's what the barman says to him whenever he wakes up.

                        If Old Pulteney isn't his name, who is he?


                        • That'll be Old Wolfie PV.
                          The reason hes always there is that he likes to keep his eye on the till,you know what those Granbretanian barmaids are like!

                          Not had any OP in years,will have to put that right soon!!
                          "I hate to advocate drugs,alcohol,violence or insanity to anyone,but they've always worked for me"

                          Hunter S Thompson


                          • I'm afraid the cash & carry run wasn't as effective this time around.

                            The state of the Euro and, particularly the Greek economy, meant that the shelves were flooded with Ouzo and Retsina. Even my extremely catholic taste for alcohol (I've drunk 5 popes under the table) draws the line at these two liquid abominations.

                            To compensate I've gone to town on the Woodforde Wherry, Timothy Taylor's Landlord, Thwaites Wainwright and Deuchars IPA.

                            I did get some particularly good Alsatian Gerwurtztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Blanc that will go down well with Arsene Wenger since he became an almost permanent resident in the Shankly Suite.

                            And there was a very good selection of mixed crates of scotch to go with the Springbank, Lagavulin, Glenmorangie and Boabie's pies. No Old Pulteney yet but I did get some Toilet Duck for TF.

                            And Jean Paul the French docker with the marriage fixation is very keen to meet Tom.


                            • I was wondering who that sour faced Frenchman was in The Shankly PV!

                              5 Popes!!
                              Slow year then!

                              Hope it wasnt that Lavender flavour toilet duck as that flavour plays up awful on the old Brazilian!!

                              Line up the Ardbegs stout yeoman!!
                              "I hate to advocate drugs,alcohol,violence or insanity to anyone,but they've always worked for me"

                              Hunter S Thompson


                              • Hi, alright if I just use the toilet?...Woodforde Wherry? this seat taken?
                                "Never get so attached to a poem
                                you forget truth that lacks lyricism"
                                Joanna Newsom