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Hear that bang last night?

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  • Hear that bang last night?

    Or rather, that: 'whummmppph!'. I did: thought it was next door's Christmas Tree falling over, but, no, it was a petrol depot forty-five miles away in Hemel Hempstead! Blimey! :|

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    My wife's mother, just down the road from Hemel in Berkhamsted, rang us this morning advising us to "fill up the car" and mentioned that she'd heard the "whummmppph!" that morning.

    My mother also rang this afternoon to see if we were alright. I said, 'Mum, we're in Milton Keynes - I don't think we were in any danger!'.

    Mums - you've got to love 'em, haven't you? :lol:
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      According to a news report, the explosion was audible in The Netherlands! 8O

      Living in Bath I didn't hear a thing, but apparently the smoke from it has already reached Swindon. I'd imagine there were some dramatic sunsets in parts of the country.
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        Couldn't see the sun, much, 'round here this morning; it was crepuscular at 12:00... :(


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          It makes you think though. Everyone went bananas over Three Mile Island & Chernobyl (justifiably), yet we live with these oil depots & refineries close to population centres and no-one bats an eye until something like this happens. Apparently this is the biggest peace time explosion in Europe.
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            could the flames really be seen in France? I heard something like that on the news. I think that is still burning over there, btw, right?

            I hope that everything will be alright there.

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              Only three tanks still burning this morning (there were 12). Hurrah for the fire service! And I guess you could see it in France if you were quite high up...


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                Silverhand - I think it's probably a testament to the safety design of the things that something like that COULD go up so close to a residential area with no fatalities.

                Lest we forget, in countries where the chemical companies have had their way in keeping the government out of health and safety, we have had Bhopal, and the huge slick of chemicals making it's way from China through Russia at the moment.


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                  Too true - although I wonder what the mortality would have been had it gone up at 09:00 on Monday morning...the demographics of industrial disasters follows that of the natural ones: New Orleans' floods notably hit the poorer communities, 'cos they couldn't afford to live on the hills :|