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what's small, grey and purrs all day?

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  • Doc
    Ten years ago, a tiny grey kitten got stuck in a little space right outside a friend's house. Despite being four weeks old, she had quite the set of lungs, which brought her to the attention of my friend, who thought I needed another cat. I went to see her, and it was love at first sight. I brought her home in the inside pocket of my jacket.

    She's been my most loyal little companion ever since. She is also the queen of all she surveys, including the other cats who all weigh at least twice as much as she (it's all about the attitude, of course). If you share half of the joy that I have with Lucy, I'll consider you very lucky.


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  • S_Ombre
    Ooh! Kittens are adorable. I hope that she's OK with your other cat. It's not fun when two otherwise sweet cats don't get along with each other an so you have to give one up. I hope that your cats get along well with you and with each other (and with the dog).

    S. Ombre

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  • Poetgrrl
    started a topic what's small, grey and purrs all day?

    what's small, grey and purrs all day?

    yes, it's true. a cat abandoned her kitten in our back yard. and we couldn't help ourselves. so not only do we have a maine coon we rescued, but an 8-week-old grey kitty (not related.)

    she started howling for her momma around 3:30 AM on Friday, and we were able to catch her on Saturday afternoon. healthy, sweet, and apparently belonging to no-one in the area... she seems to be ours now.

    oh man. so now we've got a moosedog, a cat, a kitten, and some fishies. lor help me!

    my son named her. obviously he's been hanging aroud with me too long.. kittie's name might be... Gothic..... *heh heh*