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I wish I'd won the lottery, instead...

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  • Talisant
    Traversed a wide and very deep gulley twice in the same night running across a giant tree root, thought I was in a flat field, didn't realize the truth until the next day.

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  • EverKing
    The closest I ever came was a situation where I didn't know how close to death I was until two and half-weeks after the "incident."

    Summer of 2000. I was working nights at the time; the only person at one of our small hotels in town between 11:00pm and 7:00am. It was about 10:40pm when it happened. I was in my car, only a few miles from home, on my way to the hotel. A sudden pain shot through the center of my chest and I was begining to have difficulty catching my breath. It just hurt too much to take a full breath. At first I thought maybe it was heartburn or acid reflux; I've never experienced both and this felt like something fluid moving around in middle of chest around where I image my esophogus would me. I fought through the pain and got to work.

    Well, 19 hours later, I'm in the doctor's office and it turns out I was suffering from Spontaneous Pneumothorax...a spontaneous collapsed lung.

    Well, after two surgeries, a week in the hospital and alot of medication (I did learn that have a bad reaction to inter-veinous morphine...and that Demerol isn't strong enough to kill the pain of have someone put 30+ staples in your lung and scuff the inside of your pleural-cavity with a brillo-pad...however, epideral morphene supported by Benedryl shots to reduce swelling works wonders! :roll: ) I finally had two more-or-less fully functional lungs. Ten days later I had a follow-up visit and the doctor pointed out the new curve in my aeorta...he informed me that if there had been just a little more air pressure around it, it could have collapse my aeorta, killing me instantly.

    That was a feaky realization. But hardly the same as being struck by lightning!!

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  • PsychicWarVeteran
    Dude. No way!

    I once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 23,000 feet. But, you know, that was voluntary and the odds were more in my favor... unlike taking a 300,000 volt lightning bolt where the sun don't shine. Ouch.

    So glad you're still with us!

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  • Doc
    started a topic I wish I'd won the lottery, instead...

    I wish I'd won the lottery, instead...

    I was once struck by lightning, the odds of which are slightly better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) than winning the lottery. Fortunately, I wasn't injured permanently, nor was I diisfigured--but I do have a really cool scar that only my wife can see. The first thing people say to me when they find out is either "that explains a lot," or "do you play the lottery?"

    It was a real near-death experience for me, but I think it is quite funny now. I beat the odds, but not in a way that we usually celebrate. Fortunately, it gave me unusual clarity about the direction of my life, and I strongly believe in the ability of a rubber rain parka to ground out raw electricity.

    Anyone else beat the odds in an unusual way? Or have a near-death experience?