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Anybody in touch with NASA or European Space Agency?

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  • Anybody in touch with NASA or European Space Agency?

    Mr. Moorcock don't read this, please!

    Anybody in touch with NASA or European Space Agency?

    Just asking, because there was an idea that originated some time ago about a certain object we'd like to expose to a gravityless situation etc...
    [broken link]

    I'd like to start this project early if anyhow possible, hehe!
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    It would be cool if we could. Just wish I knew someone at NASA now.


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      I *may* be in contact with NASA sometime, although I'm not very sure when it would be, and I don't think it would be very soon. Best case scenario, I might be going to Houston next February but that is unlikely. Hmm, I'm just thinking. I had some small correspondence with a member of the Mars mission planning team a while ago but I don't think he would really be the one to talk to. You could just try the NASA website, of which there are several. There may be some links somewhere on that would allow you to get in touch.
      Good luck!


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        Or try , the contact addresses for NASA are on this page.


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          Thanks for the links. Hmmm, if you or anybody should get in better contact with people of NASA perhaps you could mention the idea that we would like to put one of MM's books onboard some mission to space. Even if it is one that is not meant to return like a satellite ...
          We can further discuss strategies when you do get closer, Hawklord. Maybe someone can identify just the person with the space agency who grew up on MM's books ... and who would love the idea.
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