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The Ashes!

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  • HawkLord
    Guardian of the Grail
    • Oct 2004
    • 487

    The Ashes!

    Anyone else see the cricket? Good result for England, and it was a superb game. Cricket is about the only competitive sport I can bear to watch. It just seems to have a lot less cheating, whinging etc than the likes of football. Australia were very graceful losers I thought.
  • spaced_moorcock
    Defender of the Runestaff
    • Jul 2005
    • 317

    I saw a bit of it on Channel 4 after things had already been decided but England kept on batting. It's been the main topic of conversation all day at work. Nice to see England win at cricket for a change.

    I still find it hard to believe Australia lost and we won... First the rugby world cup, then the Ashes. Maybe we'll actually win the football world cup next time around. :)

    Originally posted by HawkLord
    It just seems to have a lot less cheating, whinging etc than the likes of football.
    Yeah, I guess that's true. A few of the stories I've heard from some of my cricket-watching buddies involve metal bats, bowling the ball along the floor and some fantastic interpretations of the rules, so it's not completely without some cheating. However, these kinda made the sport suddenly a lot more exciting than I ever thought it was.


    • Blackbeard
      Denizen of Moo Uria
      • Nov 2004
      • 174

      The Australian players were definitely gracious in defeat. Sad to say, a lot of Australian people I know were not the same. Here is one typical comment from another forum page.

      "Enjoy the next 14 or so months-because you'll only have 'em (the ashes) for that long !

      3 bloody runs at Edgbaston was the difference in the end

      You only won when McGrath was injured -and even with our depleted attack ,dodgy umpiring in your favour and us playing at about half our ability-you still only just fell over the line with the help of a SOUTH AFRICAN (and Gilchrist & Warne's dropped catches !)

      Number one in the world -my arse!"
      ‘In real life people do not spend every minute shooting each other, hanging themselves or making declarations of love. They don’t spend every minute saying clever things. Rather they eat, drink, flirt, talk nonsense."


      • Jolanthus Trel
        Apprentice wordsmith
        • Sep 2005
        • 914

        England deserved to win, Australia were totally outclassed Ahh well, it is good, we can now see the probems we have and fix it before it gets too out of hand. we'll bounce back, I can't wait for the rematch, that should be an awesome test from both sides.
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