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British Designers Bring Ice Schooner Step Closer

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  • Pietro_Mercurios
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    • Oct 2004
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    British Designers Bring Ice Schooner Step Closer

    Base on skis wins polar contract
    18 July, 2005

    The job of designing the British Antarctic Survey's new base has been landed by a London firm of architects.

    Faber Maunsell and Hugh Broughton Architects' design for the Halley VI station will be built on a floating ice shelf in the Antarctic.

    The building will host scientists all year round in temperatures ranging from -5C to -40C and will be built on skis so it can be moved.

    Work on the building is expected to begin in 18 months' time.

    The firm's concept comprises modular buildings that can be moved as the ice flows out to sea.

    "All the buildings are on legs, and each leg has a ski at the bottom," explained Hugh Broughton of Hugh Broughton Architects.

    "So, when you want to move the buildings, you lower them down on their legs and they can then be moved around by a bulldozer," he told BBC News

    Why use bulldozers, when you could use sails? :)