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  • US customs

    Strange request here but need some advice. I have been on holiday in NZ with the british lions and have brought a full set of Roman Centurion Armour with me that I have successfully worn at all the matches and got on TV with (its primary purpose). Will I have any problems getting it through US customs at any stage on my return to the UK? I am going to Hawaii then Canada.
    Any ideas? Or will I have to air freight it back?
    It is only fancy dress after all...
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    Maybe you shouldn't wear it on the plane. Or, if you do insist you are a "Roman turned Christian". Christians are pretty "en vogue" currently, the more militant the better.

    No, seriously -
    Customs people all over the world can be a pain in the a. , but aren't always.
    Best if you have a receipt with you stating the price, or better even, a very low price, and the stuff's origin. Maybe they will agree to have the luggage piece sealed to prove you've not sold it it when you leave US territory, or maybe they'll accept a deposit.
    My wife performed overseas last year and certain parts of her props measure over 2,5 metres. We bought a triple surfboard case (which looked a little like a huge banana) that had all kinds of surf logos and applications on it - and they just waved her through the US customs, smiling at her for her supposed "sportiveness". Same thing on the way back.

    Good Luck, and safe trip!
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      Oh, and sometimes you can declare weird things as "samples, no commercial value"!
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        Just thought I'd write back to let you know it all went swimmingly with the armour. Myself on the other hand was another story....

        Just step back from the line please sir.
        No. further back than that.

        10 minute mumble mumble to his customs buddy

        Ok. come through.

        (I wanted to say, "Get stuffed! Learn some manners!")

        Of course, I smiled sweetly......
        "What do you think you're doing? This is a closed set!"