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Know anybody in prison on the East Coast? A&E wants to know

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  • Furioso2012
    It's alright. At least you WANT to be misbehaving on some level. I suggest you go outside right now and jaywalk (on a deserted street, of course).

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  • DeeCrowSeer
    Sorry, but yes... I live in a county that contains at least three "prisons", but have never actually known anyone who was in one. I waited until I was 18 to drink in a nightclub, and have never even shoplifted.

    I am so very lame.

    Oh, I bought a pirate copy of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack once... no, wait, I'm just making things worse, aren't I? :oops:

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  • Furioso2012
    Sheesh! So alla youse guys and dolls is all squeeky clean, then?

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  • Know anybody in prison on the East Coast? A&E wants to know

    Ola pards! Tudo Bem?

    I'm fishing here for work purposes (I'm doing TV research & associate producing). I am following many leads already, but I thought that such an interesting bunch would come at the subject from unique POVS...

    A&E network has ordered a "presentation tape" for a show called RELEASED, which will follow offenders/x-offenders for the first 24 hours after they are released from prison. A presentation tape is a fifteen-minute "pre-pilot" that demonstrates how a show may work.

    We're looking for folks in East Coast prisons (preferably NY, NJ, CT or MA) who have served a minimum of five years and are due for release between July 25th and August 19th. The four candidates we wind up selecting will each be paid $1000. Obviously, we're looking for people who can talk about themselves with some ease...

    So if anybody knows families with loved ones behind bars, or has any suggestions as to how to further widen the search, please post here or email me at:

    [email protected]

    Also feel free to leave any feedback about the show, or prisons, crime & punishment.