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The Olympic Decision

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  • The Olympic Decision

    It has just been announced that London will host the 2012 Olympics. My interest in this is purely "local" in nature, rather than national. The sailing events for the competition are going to be staged on the Dorset coast, meaning a massive upheaval in the area. I don't know anything about the economic issues, and I really don't care about what it will do for employment in the area... I just feel sorry for all of those Olympiads who will have to point their boats' pointy-bits in the direction of this county. My sister is happy that "we" will get "our" relief road, although I don't have the faintest clue how that will improve the quality of my life.

    Um... so really this post is just a pointless rant from an apathetic, non-sporty, non-patriotic person. It just unnerves me to think of global attention focussing on this little corner of the, er, globe.
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    It'll be good for building a huuuuuge velodrome in Stratford, which will then be used by six cyclists every year (see Montreal...).
    I must say I am quite excited by it. I don't really buy the 'beneficial' rubbish (any more than Live 8 was materially beneficial, beyond everyone having a good time and at least thinking about African poverty) but it will be a lot of fun, provided we can roll back the criteria somewhat to maintain strict amateurism of the participants (some hopes).


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      Time to start building that ShakespeareLandâ„¢ Themepark, next to the Theatre Royal, Stratford East!

      We'll clean up! :lol:


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        Much as I'm pleased that it's happening a Londres, I do feel that the French could have benefited more than we from hosting the Olympics. The slightly dispirited national mood, so different from the usual gallic joie de vivre and elan, has only been worsened by this. Genuine regrets, mes amis. Here's hoping the proximity of the 2012 games to France will mean we can share the enjoyment in the spirit of the entente, and of the games :roll:


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          You guys can have it.

          Enjoy the traffic when it occurs; and enjoy the construction / destruction as they proceed to "improve" the "infrastructure" to accommodate the games.

          I lived in L.A. during the '84 Olympics. An interesting experience.



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            I worry about the environmental impact. Still, its nice to see the economy getting an old-fashioned Keynesian boost. Funny how Blair the neoliberal is in favour of that. :?
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              Just heard on a news flash in the middle of BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour programme:

              Series of explosions in Central London. On a bus and in the Underground.




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                Well, talk about one extreme to the other


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                  Brits could finance Olympics with sofa-cushion change

                  Britons could finance Olympics with sofa-cushion change

                  From The Guardian:

                  Press Association
                  Wednesday August 17, 2005

                  Britons have enough small change around their homes to fund half of the London Olympic Games, according to a survey published today.

                  About آ£1bn is lost or lying idle in the UK's 24.7 million households, the study found.

                  An overwhelming 88% of the 1,500 people surveyed said at least آ£10 was lost in small change throughout their home.

                  A further 62% estimated they had at least آ£56 in jars, pots, pockets and down the back of sofas...

                  Londoners were the country's biggest losers, with آ£121 worth of redundant cash at home, whereas people in Birmingham had آ£61.
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                    Olympics shooting events illegal unders Britain's anti-gun laws

                    Here's something that may amuse our Amercian cousins (esp. the 'cold dead hands' brigade) :) :

                    * Less than two months after he was victorious in securing the Olympic Games for the capital, Lord Coe has met his first major setback. It turns out that three of the pistol-shooting events are outlawed under legislation passed in 1997, bizarrely making it illegal for the British team to train on home soil.

                    According to an article due to appear in the next issue of The Field magazine, the law even calls into question whether the events - the 50-metre men's, the rapid fire, and the women's 25-metre - will be permitted during the Olympics themselves.

                    A shooting lobby group, the Sportsman's Association, has written to the International Olympic Committee, calling on them to campaign for a change in the law, which dates from the Dunblane high school murders.

                    "Please use what influence you can to persuade the British Government to amend the two Firearms Acts of 1997," reads their letter. "So that the British people may, in line with the Olympic ideal, prepare themselves properly for the Olympic Games."

                    According to a spokesman for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, there is unlikely to be any such change.

                    However, he points out that the Firearms Act will allow the home secretary of the day to make a special allowance for the duration of the Games. "It's true that they can't train or practise in this country," he admits.

                    "But the Home Secretary has indicated that the events will take place for the Olympics themselves."
                    Source: Pandora, Independent, 17 August 2005
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