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Inside Battersea Power Station

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  • Inside Battersea Power Station

    Anyone want to see inside Battersea Power Station, which is being redeveloped? Not sure how long these pics will stay up so be quick:

    Those outside the UK may recognize it from the front cover of Animals by Pink Floyd.
    'You know, I can't keep up with you. If I hadn't met you in person, I quite honestly would NOT believe you really existed. I just COULDN'T. You do so MUCH... if half of what goes into your zines is to be believed, you've read more at the age of 17 than I have at the age of 32 - LOTS more'

    Archie Mercer to Mike (Burroughsania letters page, 1957)

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    Fascinating - what a building. It would be nice if part of it could be preserved intact. I recognise the control room in picture 6 from the cover of 'Quark, Strangeness and Charm'. That follows, I guess: another piece of work by Hipgnosis.
    \" ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home.\" James Branch Cabell


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      I think industrial ruins should be preserved in all their glorious decay. Pity to muck it up.


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        The "Mess room" photo seems the most poignant. You can easily imagine the conversation as the workers left it after their last tea-break...



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          Probably: 'Thank God that's over!' :lol: