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Robert Sheckley Relief Drive

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  • Robert Sheckley Relief Drive

    Dear readers,

    I received email regarding Anya Sheckley's Paypal account information. The llink below will allow you to make a donation directly to the family! I will no longer accumulate donations on their behalf.

    Robert Sheckley Relief Drive

    Since starting this relief drive, we accumulated: $3,781.35 USD

    Thank you all!

    For those of you who haven't read this whole thread, Robert Sheckley fell ill in Kiev. It started with a cold, but he wound up on a respirator! It looks like he'll make it home, but he's going to have significant medical bills once he's made it back. You might want to help out.

    Originally posted by Berry Sizemore
    Dear readers,

    A friend of Mike's, Robert Sheckley is ill and he and his family are experiencing difficulties since he fell ill in while in Kiev. There is mass confusion and worry over reliable sources. People want to help, and I hope you are one of them. I have decided to use my PayPal account, the one I use to gather auction bids with, as a donation depot. Your only reason to trust me is my association with this website and my friendship with Michael Moorcock.

    This is going to be a purely digital effort on our part. To make a donation, you'll need to create a Paypal account for yourself, since our account doesn't accept credit cards. Within the next day or two, that account will accept credit cards, though it doesn't at the moment. If you are so inclined, you can make a donation via Paypal after reading this update:
    [broken link]Robert Sheckley Update

    I will see to it that this money gets into the hands of one of Robert Sheckley's confirmed family members. I am currently researching two of his children as possible recipients of these donations. I'll post financial developments here.

    Otherwise, please feel free to discuss all of this here. Furthermore, it is time for us to bend the press to our voices. If you can contact any member of the media or you have the wherewithal to spread the word to numerous people, then the readers and friends of Mr. Sheckley implore you to respond, donate and spread the word. As soon as we validate his relatives, we'll get word from them to you what their wishes are. I have mail out to Mr. Moorcock and Mr. Gaiman who may be able to put me in contact with those family members.

    Here are the important threads to read regarding Mr. Sheckley's plight:

    Robert Sheckley ill in Kiev
    On May 05, 2005, Mike reported that Robert Sheckley was ill in and on artificial respiration.
    [broken link]
    Roberto_Quaglia reported that he was with Robert until April 28th.
    [broken link]
    Robert Sheckley's website reports that he is indeed ill.
    Neil Gaiman confirms via family member that Mr. Sheckley is having trouble.

    GREAT NEWS! Neil just emailed me and confirmed the email address of a family member. I'll post the family's desires here soon!

    Thank you,
    Berry Sizemore
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    Robert Sheckley

    Berry, thank you very much :D
    My E-mail is [email protected]
    also my forum (I already put there all information, cuz I beleive some people wants to help)

    See you guys soon :lol: I mean.... talk to you guys soon ....


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      I forget say thanks all people from this forum...
      Thanks Bill for all he says.
      Hugs to all


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        Great job Berry,

        I appreciate your initiative.

        I can spread the word to many people who consider Robert Sheckley one of the greatest sci-fi story writers of all times.

        However many readers might not have been following the story and may need more info.
        So if I were you I would publish a little more info regarding:
        a) why exactly is Robert Sheckley in need for financial help
        b) what exactly are you going to do with donations.
        c) your status and affiliations: are you representing anybody, are donations tax deductible, etc.

        These formalities may help you gain some minimal trust in this paranoid world.

        Thank you, and I will certainly donate to your fund as soon as credit cards are accepted.


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          Berry thank you very much for doing this, I know that Anya will be so humbled by the support that people have shown.
          I will be calling Anya today (Friday May 20th) to discuss my dealings with the doctors in the states and will mention everything going on here.
          For those of you still having questions about expenses, the short story is that Robert's only medical coverage is Medicare and as most people know that is limitted.
          The cost of a medical transport airplane is not covered, we will also need medical transportation from the airport to a hospital; again not covered in full. I have spent the past 2 days with a phone glued to my ear contacting every agency and hospital.
          At this point I'm still waiting for a call-back from a doctor to advise me if she will in fact sign a referral so that we can bring him to The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. Once Robert is N.Y. we will deal with whatever treatment he needs. Having Robert in NY will make it possible for other family, friends and fans to visit and show support; and we all know that may sometimes be the best medicine.
          Anya and Simon are so dead tired, Anya sounds drained and it breaks my heart to hear her voice crack as she holds back the tears, they both need to come home where others can be at Roberts side while these two get some much needed rest.

          Thank you everyone
          Bill Lopez


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            I have just sent a contribution to Berry's "Robert Sheckley Relief Drive" and want to demonstrate I place all trust in Berry to make best use of it for the benefit of Mr. Sheckley.

            Yikes, it is time I got myself a book of his and finally read one. I was never too much into SciFi, but went ahead for humanitarian reasons and respect for the obvious life-time achievement of Sheckley's.

            Google ergo sum


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              Let's go!!

              I have already made a small contribution, a post in my blog and (spanish equivalent of slashdot) and this weekend I will write emails to many spanish scifi webs. We wait for news (good news).

              Regards. Jose.


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                Jose and L'Etranger
                Thank you very much on behalf of the family, as I have said in my other post I have known Anya, Robert's daughter since she was 10 years old, she is now 31.
                I speak to her daily and she is just overcome with emotion when she hears of the support her dad has. Sometimes you learn more about your family when you see and hear how they are regarded by others.

                Bill Lopez
                (Guillermo Lopez)
                Kingston, NY


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                  Dear readers,

                  I have made contact with two different members of Robert Sheckley's family. I spoke with Anya Sheckley via telephone, who is in Kiev at this time. She reports that 3 days ago, Bob was alert, speaking and writing and aware of his surroundings. The last two days have not gone as well.

                  I have also communicated with Alisa Sheckley Kwitney via telephone, Robert's other daughter. I am now reasonably convinced that I am communicating with the family, as they were able to confirm information about one another.

                  Anya is going to give me her Paypal information. When she does this, all future donations will go directly to one of Robert Sheckley's family memebrs, Anya specifically, and I will be out of the loop. Once I get that information, I will transfer all of the funds from my Paypal account to Anya's. I'll post a copy of the transaction here.

                  Regarding taxes and all that financial stuff, you should be aware that I do not know anything about it. This is not a business, and your donations go to me, a private individual. Whether or not Anya Sheckley sets up a business, charity, foundation or fund, or not is up to her. She and I will have no other connection except that I have given her family your donations and that I will promote her Paypal account. The family will NOT account to me what they do with those donations. At the moment we have accumulated $240 US in donations for Robert.

                  Here's the email from Anya:
                  Originally posted by Anya
                  Thank you for all your help concerning my dad. I have been here in Kiev, Ukraine for about 10 days or so. Dad has improved little by little each day, though the last two days have been a setback as he was unable to come off the ventilator at all (he had been able to come off the ventilator for several hours a day previously).
                  There has been a huge outpouring of support here and I have setup two bank accounts (one Ukrainian and one Russian) for people here who had been showing up at the hospital with money. The accounts are in my name (not the convention organizers as some people seem to think) and the bank pays the hospital directly (not me) from these accounts. Some very wealthy and influential people here have offered to pay the transport home though at this point we are unclear as to when he will be strong enough to fly. There is the possibility that more money will be raised here than is necessary for the hospital and transport bills, in which case I am trying to setup a charitable fund in my fathers name to help local writers. We want money raised here to stay here. I know people in the states have wanted to help but I haven't been able to do anything about that from here in the Ukraine. Are you saying you are accepting money on his behalf for medical care in the states? My concern is that people may think this money is not going to Bob. Please let me know how this is being setup and what assurances there are that this money is going to his care. We have many people who would like the paypal info in order to pass through money.
                  The media here has been crazy as dad is quite popular in this part of the world. You can probably find info on the web about it and verify who I am through this. I have avoided interviews so far (extremely camera shy), however I did a rather large press conference yesterday of 50 or more members of television and press so I'm sure some of this is on the internet.
                  Again, thank you for your help and please keep me informed as much as possible.
                  We spoke for an hour and she's doing okay. She's just as concerned that money doesn't go to the wrong people, so we will take care of that as desribed above.

                  My conversation with Alisa was shorter, and she will do her best to get press releases out once Anya has gotten that Paypal account information to me.

                  Now that you have an update, do you still want to contribute or wait until Anya's Paypal is available? Click here if you do:
                  [broken link]Robert Sheckley Relief Drive Update
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                  The cat spread its wings and flew high into the air, hovering to keep pace with them as they moved cautiously toward the city. Then, as they climbed over the rubble of what had once been a gateway and began to make their way through piles of weed-grown masonry, the cat flew to the squat building with the yellow dome upon its roof. It flew twice around the dome and then came back to settle on Jhary's shoulder. - The King of the Swords


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                    Thanks again. And now I will follow your lead and step back and just focus on taking care of my role in finding a doctor to bring him home.
                    I glad that our conversation last night was so productive.
                    To the viewers of this site I want you to know that Berry has been so helpful and honest with us.
                    This is a truly great bunch of people here.
                    Thank you all
                    Bill Lopez
                    Kingston, NY


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                      Berry and Bill - thank you guys a lot!

                      I've just sent a contribution to Robert Sheckley Relief Drive.


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                        Thank you, without people like you non of this would be possible.

                        Family Friend
                        Bill Lopez
                        Kingston, NY


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                          I've just made a contribution, and I'm also sending the link to a fellow fan so he can do the same. It's my way of saying thank-you for all the pleasure Robert's books have given me over the years.

                          Best wishes to Robert, family and friends.


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                            Here goes my share, Berry ;) As you can see, the fact that I wasn't registered or I didnn't identify myself didn't mean anything at all :)

                            Hope Mr. Sheckley gets better soon!

                            P.S. I'm just wondering, isn't he famous in the States? He's one of the best known SF writers in the former USSR!

                            Cheers from Fiji,



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                              I have a question.
                              What gonna happens, when Mr. Sheckley come back to USA. I mean there is full medical insurance, which covering everything and all cases?
                              I don't think so....
                              May be it's right time to organize some international fund to help people in such situation.
                              I still try to organize assistance from Baku (some oil companies).
                              Also, I sent E-mail to Mr. Putin (air plane issues) and Mr. Bush. 8)
                              Frankly speaking I'm not sure it will works, but who knows…..Any way it may be chance ….
                              Russian Ministry of Emergency has special air plane (for serious medical case)
                              Our Ex-President Mr. Geydar Aliyev was serious ill and come back to Baku from USA by that special air plane.