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Meeting Elric

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  • Meeting Elric

    I'd like you to use your imagination for a moment.

    When you awaken tomorrow morning if you found yourself in Melnibone with an appointment to see Elric, what would you ask him? Bear in mind he sees you as a captured Lord of The Young Kingdoms, yet you, having read The Chronicles of The Black Sword know of the fate of the albino emperor of Melnibone and his deeper fate as The Eternal Champion.

    Think deeply, then act, your part could be an interesting parallel to Mike's excellent tale.

    (I've realised this is in the Q&A section for Mike, please accept my apologies)

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    ((Forgive me if what I write up is fanfic/rpg but it's how I put my thoughts down for this question))

    The sexy lone figure walked gracefully inside the gates, her knees quaking at the thought of being before the Emperor. She took a good look at herself first, making sure she was decently presentable. Crimson eyes looked about, soft pale lips were closed in a natural way. Her bane white hair was braided, falling to nearly brushing the floor. Knee-length, stiletto heeled, soft leather boots, semi-clung to her slender long legs, aiding in the sway of her hips. A tanked turtle-neck, mid-thigh dress, obsidian in color, was snug on her slim form; short-shorts covered her rear end. Full length gauntlets adorned her arms; A bracelet was seen on her wrist and a few rings gracing her fingers. A hooded cloak with a leather clasp graced her shoulders, the hood protecting her soft face from prying eyes. Long white bangs framed her smooth features. Attached to her waist was a silvery long-sword lay inside the chest, its sheath fitted with outlines of beautiful gold art, a glow ran through it, its hilt entrenched with symbols of powerful spells, a skull on the end of it, held the mark of humans on its forehead.

    She swallowed hard as she moved through the halls, two guards, one appearing on each side of her, walked and she nearly fell back from the closeness. She knew she had to do this though otherwise her conscience would come back to haunt her.

    Once inside the throne room, the guards dispersed and she stood there alone, her lips parting softly as she turned her gaze upwards to the albino sitting on the Ruby throne. Her heart jumped into her throat, blocking speech....

    ((Probably something like that 8O :? XD))


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      Dee enters the chamber, a regal tilt to his head. He is captured, but refuses to acknowledge the indignity of his situation. He approaches the throne, and kneels before his captor. Elric motions for him to stand, and ask the question that had been fuming in his mind since Dee had first set tired eyes on The Chronicles. The bowed Lord clears his throat and enquires:

      "Would you mind if I borrowed your cousin for the afternoon? I have some etchings to show her..."

      Dee is dragged from the chamber, heading due Jest-wards.

      [Possibly not as "deep" as you'd hoped for. Sorry]
      "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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        Excellent Strangelonewolf! Very descriptive. One thing though, you are also an albino from The Young Kingdoms. This may appeal to Elric and take him away from his destiny, therefore creating new chronicles.

        Dee, I put forward no rules only that you are imaginative. You never know what may spin out of such an exercise. (Hope you don't mind Mike, I see this like re-mixing an old classic rock song)


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          Previous post was me by the way, forgot to log in.


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            Um -- how about
            Of course, it didn't do much good for Victor Frankenstein, come to think of it... :)


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              Ummm... Okay the slavic part of me comes out.

              "My god, what have they been feeding you? You're so pale and so skinny! And what are these? Herbs? You're trying to sustain yourself with herbs? Come on man, a pot of tea isn't going to bring your strength back, and neither is a packet of oregano. Oh wait, this isn't organo? You mind if I try a bit of this? Anyways, the only thing that's going to bring back your strength is food! Perogies and Cabbabge Rolls with sour cream, and sauerkraut. Good wholesome food will bring you back to life, none of this light and fluffy low-carb Melnibonean crap! I tell you..."
              Yuki says, "Krimson used to be known as Kommando, but he rarely uses that name anymore. Sometimes he appears as Krimson Gray as well. Do not be confused, he still loves cats and bagels."


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                actually, slaying his own creator would be quite elric :roll:

                As for me I'd probably say something along the lines of " looking for the bathrooms...."


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                  “Permission to speak?� the woman asked in the coarse language of non-Melniboneans. She stood far below his balconied throne and made no attempt to adjust her mud-covered, torn dress; no attempt to smooth back her hair; no attempt to respect his court either. Her composure and her demand to speak was entertaining and it would hurt no one to allow her final words to be public. He spread his hands in a gesture of “go ahead.�

                  “Arioch is no friend to you, my lord,� she began and watched his backbone stiffen. Elric’s guards grabbed her arms and forced her back down onto the floor, crushing her cheek into the black marble coolness.

                  “No! Let her speak!� he shouted, strength from the adrenaline shock of her words allowed him to get up from his ruby throne. Elric did the unthinkable and began to walk down the curving stairs, one thought only in his mind. “To her feet,� he commanded, unusual strength in his voice and his guards lifted her and backed away.

                  “Who are you that dares creep into this kingdom, carrying lies, spreading them out before us like a disease-ridden cat! Who are you that you speak his name with your head high like his very own consort! What are you?� Elric growled and the woman did not flinch. He was impressed with her composure but his patience was running as thin as his blood.

                  “Who I am does not matter, sir, but why I came does. If you would see it all right, if you would see this kingdom prosper, turn your back on Arioch. Turn your back on Donblas, too. Your enemies are far less dangerous than the gods that are coming for you. And that is all I can say,� she offered quietly. Elric walked around and around her as she spoke, taking in the earthy smell of her clothing, noting the blackness of her hair and the light that seemed to burn in her amber eyes. She had none of the qualities of a message-bearer or a spy and her only gift was for storytelling, apparently.

                  “Your stealth and cunning gained you entrance to my palace but it will not save you from death. Take your lies to back to the ground where humans came from. Melnibone does not need a human to save us from ourselves,� he replied in her language, and everyone on the Dreaming Isle felt a sheen of ice upon their bodies. He nodded to his guards and turned his back on the simple woman, filled with grief. There would be no message from the gods this day, and every step he took back to his throne drained the energy from his bones.



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                    Also very good poetgrrl. Mike certainly seems to draw very creative, imaginative people together here on this forum.


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                      my husband said he'd say to Elric "Hey dude, nice tan!" ;)


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                        alas....i'm surrounded by comedians

                        where's moonglum or Rakhir when you need him?


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                          ..........and yes, I did meet Elric on the "Edge of Dreams."