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Kung Fu!!

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  • Kung Fu!!

    Excuse me if I jumped tracks with the mention of Hapkido or akido or whatever it is. I knew it was not Chinese.
    The monks I mentioned jumped up backwards (not facing) 10 feet onto the wall behind them. Forgive me for leaving out this detail.
    It was wrong of me if I said anyone was better than someone else. I just am happy about Chinese films getting more repore of late.
    Most american movies with Jet Li are not as good. Films like 'Kiss the Dragon' and the ones with DMX I did not care for. 'Unleashed' with Jet Li and Bob Hopskins is a film coming out next year. Written by Luc Besson I think. ('The Professional ') It looks fantastic. Jet Li's eyes will not be covered with dark sunglasses on the movie poster methinks.
    I know just a little about Martial Arts. Actually someone told me that it originated in Eastern India?
    I practiced Wing Chun for a few months but quit like a dummy. It was taught by Si fu Eric who's teacher is William Cheung. William is the Grand Master of Wing Chung and Bruce Lees primary instructor and friend. Pretty neat, huh?
    Thanks guys. Always love to know more.

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    My nephew did Wing Chung for a few months to but quit becauce he had to save up to go overseas. He said it was really good and I think he even saw William Cheung at one of the lessons.


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      Re: Kung Fu!!

      Originally posted by bob-e-bane
      William is the Grand Master of Wing Chung
      The Grand Master of which association? I thought nobody could agree on a new Grand Master after Yip-man (excuse my western spelling, no mandarin characters on this keyboard) died?

      Cheung's Chi-sau was allways better than Bruce Lee's anyway, because he was weaker when he learned (an advantage when learning Chi-sau,because you can't force a move through when the structure is wrong)

      I too prefere Chinese/Hong-kong kung-fu movies, this is not to say that any of the fighters in the western movies are crap, but the even if the film is set in china, it's a westernised china. The Chinese culture is missing.

      the three best kung-fu movies ever: Prodigal son, Mr Vampire, Zu Warriors
      \"It got worse. He needed something to cure himself. What? he asked. M-A 19 he answered.\"


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        the three best kung-fu movies ever: Prodigal son, Mr Vampire, Zu Warriors

        What, no Drunken Master II?


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          What about The Five Deadly Venoms? Thats a classic as well as all The Sonny Chiba Street Fighter Movies. Well in my opinion anyway.


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            Sonny Chiba does kick butt! Good ol' Tarrantino bringin him back (screenplay: True Romance-Kill Bill)

            Yip - Man was Bruce Lee's Si fu? William was his student and intoduced his friend Bruce Lee to Yip -Man - 2 Years ago was when I took the classes. Si fu Eric says he was taught by William C. I would hafta search for the place. It's in santa Monica. 3rd and Lincoln. WIng Chung Acadamy. I will find the site and link soon.

            Prodigal Son, Mr. Vampire and Zu Warriors? I will check them out! Thanks!

            The first Drunken Master is great! Sam Seed!

            Did I mention 36 Chambers of Shao Lin? Gordon Liu? Uma's master in Kill Bill.


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              I would also love to see more 'Old School' kung- fu battles back on the big screen. I would also like to see some other arts represented such as Kali. Although a lot of action movies use it in small doses I would love to see some extended fight scenes using Kali or any of the other versions of escrima.
              And to think they can do so much nowadays. we really need a new infusion of martial arts films. To many people aren't exposed to the classics.
              They should have a martial arts channel on cable, they've got so many other crap channels why not one for martial arts?