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WH Smith reveals worst-ever losses

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  • WH Smith reveals worst-ever losses

    :P Now who'd have thought it? A crap bookshop, a crap record shop, a crap newsagents and a crap stationers - all under one roof! Perfect business plan; it's been going since 1792...

    Of course, there are other ways of making money:

    But what is the answer :?:

    "Upmarket greetings cards", apparently! :roll:
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    Well, as far as I'm concerned most high-street stores are pointless until they have sales or the bonus points promotions. It's almost always cheaper to buy books and DVDs online, and you get a much wider selection. Pretty much the only things you can't buy online are individual comics and magazines... and the stock of magazines at our local branch of WHSmith is pitiful compared to the Borders in nearby Bournemouth... so from my point of view, they're pretty awful. At the moment, I'm really only using the branch as a place to pick up my online orders (postage is free if you have them sent to a store). I don't tend to buy greeting cards either, preferring to make my own, so they aren't even getting my business that way either. Most stationary is cheaper at other shops too. Like many people, I can't really see the point of WHS.
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      Well I haven't bought anything in there for years. It's OK for spending stupid gift vouchers you get for Christmas though.


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        Awww... I quite like WHSmiths. Obviously I am the only one. Being a magazine addict, and it's on my way home to the flat, where I can handily drop in and purchase the latest rag. The book selection is shite though, and the music section horrendously over priced. But I do also quite like the sketch pads there, which I've been using since Art College, and you do get attached to certain makes of sketch pads... Or not... erm... right I'll go and run away now :oops:


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          I dont exactly think its the greatest shop ever but I did pick up a good Raymond E Fiest book there for less than a pound I think. Most shops are pretty rubbish except music shops(and a lot of those aint too great either!). My favorite shops are guitar shops!