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Farscapers - IS Scorpius Klosterheim?

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  • Farscapers - IS Scorpius Klosterheim?

    The physical description matches to a tee. If one counts wormholes as the grail...?
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    Did Klosterheim copy himself into someone else's head? I don't recall him too well.


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      Ive never actually watched a full ep. of this show. My Dad loves it and talks about it all the time. I guess i need to watch it.


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        I can definitely see a comparison, and not just by the physical description. Scorpius was bloody evil! I've still not seen the last few episodes of Farscape, so have no idea how it ended... must get round to it one day, as I have practically all of the DVDs!

        I still think the show was a bit inconsistent. Some episodes were genius, but too many seemed like filler; especially all that clone nonsense.

        But what sci-fi show doesn't have some clone storyline? :)
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          Its a shame they cancelled Farscape, and decided to keep making crappy original movies like Boa vs. Python.