^_^ I wanted to post this here just in case any of you guys are interested. My friend Brianne is running a raffle to raise money for her family so they can get their house repaired. Her house has been left only partially finished after her grandfather died and it was in major disrepair, they have pipes that are causing water damage and most of the rooms arn't even habitable. Her mother is disabled and they don't have that much money, but the gov't won't recognize her as such so they can't get aid. Brianne has been trying to get on TV reality home makeover shows and talk shows but nothing is seeming to work, so she started a raffle in hopes of making even just a bit. You can get all the details at the link below.

The prizes are art commissions from many different artists, not for preexisting art or prints. So, you can have Elric drawn or some other Eternal Champion of your choice, lol. Please check it out if you've got just a bit of money to spare!


Thanks everyone, and if I shouldn't be advertiseing this here then please pull the thread down, I didn't really know where else to mention it T_T