I just got this in the email.... I thought I'd post it here.
Good morning, well, it has been an exciting week at the Aquarium! If you
have not heard we had a "best" bad day here on Monday. Female bullshark #2
was invoved in a freak incident. It has been determined that the male
became very aggressive and in an attempt to avoid his attentions she
propelled herself into a surface skimmer attatched to her tank. Biology
staff did all they could to revive her; unfortunately that was not
possible. Now for the BEST, she was pregnant! This is the first documented
pregnancy for bullsharks in captivity. During the necropsy 3 embryos were
discovered. The Oklahoma Aquarium is saddened by the loss and at the same
time thrilled that we have accomplished something believed impossible
until now. Biology and LSS staff stayed the whole evening to adapt the
tank so this type of incident can not happen again.

There is the possibility that another pregnancy has occured. Keep your
fingers crossed!!!! Romance is in the water at the Oklahoma Aquarium.