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  • First one now two

    Hi guys,

    I dont know if anyone noticed but I havent been around lately. Part of it has been from continuous computer problems and the other part was I was in direct path of Hurricane Charley. Now Francis is coming and this will be even worse ...Shes a lot bigger and we still have all the debris from Hurricane Charley piled up everywhere. I was without power and water for 7 days. Most of my neighborhood was destroyed. I didnt get as damaged as the rest and I was grateful. I dont think I will be able to say the same this time. To those that liked what I posted in the fanfic section: I did end up continuing the story and was actually about to upload the latest on it but was diverted when Charley hit. Im evacuating by tomorrow night on Francis and I dont know if I will have a chance to upload it or not. My writing has kind of been the last thing on my mind these past 3 weeks. Ive had power back for a couple of weeks now but have just been so busy with cleanup and insurance and car repairs and basic living things this has been the first time Ive been able to get here. As it is I have to get back to repacking and more packing for this next freaken hurricane. . .

    Anyway, if Im still in one piece and have something to come back to as far as a home, when I get power I will post.

    Wish me luck!

    Ultra Magnus to Sandstorm. \"I\'ve never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy. . . Alright, give me the bomb.\"

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    My parents live just couth of where Charley hit. I sit on pins and needles every time this happens.

    I have my fingers crossed for eveyone down there.


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      There is an outside chance that I will be in the direct hit zone for Frances (I'm a little outside of the projected strike area, but within the margin of error). I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying, and making ready to head for Atlanta, where I have several friends. I live just on the margin of the evacuation zone for category 4 storms, and with a 6.5 month old son, I'm taking no chances if it even looks remotely likely that we will be hit as of tomorrow. The traffic during evacuations sucks though- during Floyd (1999), I sat in traffic 8 hours trying to drive 2 hours inland.


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        Im in Lake Wales florida....its a disaster zone here from Charley and now here comes Francis. Last I heard on the news she was going to hit between Vero Beach and Ft Pierce. The only place I have to go is right outside of Ft Meade!!! It just took me 3 hours to find and get gas in two of my cars...the other one I have to leave *sobs* My 72 Charger has to stay *sobs*.......I had to leave him for Charley too and he was fine...this time around with all the debris from Charley I highly doubt I will come back to a classic B-Body in one peice but theres nothing I can do
        Ultra Magnus to Sandstorm. \"I\'ve never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy. . . Alright, give me the bomb.\"


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          Looks like it might pass over you, or just north of you when it comes ashore. I'll be hoping for the best for you. This is really a terrible situation, but just remember, the odds of it ever happening again in our lifetimes are close to nil...


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            Now Ivans Coming....


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              Tropical Storm Jeanne is southeast of Puerto Rico, if I read the map correctly.


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                Good luck Starscream. This hasn't been a good year for Florida, but I'm confident that your spark will endure.


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                  Ivan was absolutely terrible, and now lookie lookie, I'm now in the projected strike zone for Jeanne.

                  *looks up at the heavens

                  me: Hey God, can you give Florida a little break, please?

                  God: NO

                  *goes back to work and keeps his mouth shut


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                    Good luck to all of you dealing with these messes. I really hope you get a break soon. Mother nature seems to be kicking you very hard.