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Question's on wriing

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  • Question's on wriing

    Hi my name is Danny Williams i am a writer from leed's i have one book published ( the life line's of angel's ) and my new book Mindgate will hopefully be compleated nov 05 i have been writing since i was 7 year's old and am also compileing a book of short story's done when i was between the age's of seven-fourteen. If anyone would like to conserve on the matter please ask. I have also read all of Mr Moorcock's book and i would say we had a simular writing type ( not to say i am as experanced as him self but very good non the less ). So please ask also would be nice to here what idea's you have in your amazing mind's.

    Thanks Danny

    P.S Only real question's please thanks :idea:

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    Just one real question:
    How old are you now?
    Google ergo sum


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      Err well im 30 any reson for that lol


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        Err, just so. Good luck with your writing in any case.
        Google ergo sum