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Fomorians and Ireland?

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  • Fomorians and Ireland?

    Hey, im new around here and kinda joined cuz i was wondering about this. Im sure some of the people in here are fans of the coast to tocoast radio show, formerly Art Bell now George Noory. Anywayts i was listening to it last night and there was a fellow named michael tisarion speaking about atlantis and aliens and whatnot. I know its not a widely believed subject but i think his book is a worthwhile read, it is recieving many good reviews. More to the point, he is part Irish and was talking about Amergin and the sword retaliator and someone called and mentioned the Fomorians (Fhoi Myore). I continued listening and it seemed to sync up with what i had read in the later books of the Corum series. Even the island (the name escapes me) that the evil race resided on seemed familiar to what he was saying about atlantis. He believed that some sinsister alien group landed there.

    ... :roll: uhm. He also said that the great so called 'sci-fi' authors such as Tolkien and Lewis incorporated much of this into their works because they could not write about it directly. I was wondering if Mr.Moorcock was possibly doing some of the same, and how much he might know of Ireland's secret history.

    big rant. thanks for reading

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    If anyone shares interest in this or has any info please reply. I cant think of anywhere else I might find people who would know anything about this. I believe we are doing a great injustice to our Earth and if we dont stop the violence and look for our true origin we could get ourselves into alot of trouble.


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      Dear purple
      The Fomorians were a supposed race who existed/lived on Tory island to the North of Ulster (n.ireland). They battled against the tuatha de danaan (the irish equivalent of not quite super humans) and were led by their king Balor of the one eye. When they attcked they were your usual bad guys. He and they were eventually defeated by jack of all trades Lugh with a spear right through balor's patented eyeball.

      You can see this in the book of conquests illustrated by jim fitzpatrick This man in turn followed irish rock group THIN LIZZY around almost the same as Michael Moorcock and Hawkwind (wait a minute! now that's a spooky coincidence)

      Anyway, if truth be told they were probably just your typical invaders who got some bad press (as the rape and pillagers usually do) and by the medium of superstition got turned into a demonic horde or in your case space aliens. the myth of atlantis and the flood probably hark back to a time when the ice age retreated and sea water filled in the lowest points changing fertile grass plains (that's under the north sea for example) into water.

      i read something only today about radio carbon dating being to conservative in its estimates. that means we as a human race could have been around a lot longer!
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