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Boston Tea Party, Mad Hatter Bush and a little mouse

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  • Darren
    Denizen of Moo Uria
    • Mar 2004
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    Boston Tea Party, Mad Hatter Bush and a little mouse

    4th July.

    Independance from Blighty, but it's perhaps because Washington was an Illuminati Spymaster that Paul Revere and his Mohicans in that Sleepy-Hollow-gothic way stitched up the Crown.

    Not that I care even about that or Cherry trees. How's it going "Stateside"?

    I just learned today that the Geneva Convention was founded during over-there's Civil War, couple of a hundred years later than over-here's. Alright, actually it was probably from Henry Dunant strolling through the aftermath of the battle of Solferino who just had a brilliant idea to invent the Red Cross and that in turn was developed in the aftermath of over-there's as the Geneva Convention,

    at least that's what it says here :

    Does that mean before 1859 Soldiers could expect to die horribly slowly on the battlefield? Also canme across by serendipitous chance the Synod of Birr which was a 'law' of Adomnan's in 697 being an Abbot of Iona, promulgated it at the synod held in Birr. This Law, known as the Cأ،in Adomnأ،n or Lex Innocentium, was to protect women, children and non-combatants in warfare, and it was remembered for generations as a significant moment in Irish legal history. Yet today the law, and its author, is barely known.
    So it seems a few hundred years can make you forget, Brigadoon-like how we all once valued mercy in combat with our own tribes.

    But, mind you he had to call a Synod to get everyone to agree which may not have been easy with those swingeing silver-greedy Danes, as good a time as any to invent King Alfred AND a Navy but he was born some 50-odd years later in 849.

    But all this is really academic. If Gee-dubbleya is the Mad Hatter, Blurh! is the little mouse then who is Alice? If the White Rabbit's Ted Turner then that would mean she would be Jane Fonda! 8O


    I hope you enjoy moi fiestas my Americano amigos because.... Sorry, wrong war.

    Enjoy your genteel Tea-rooms Yankies, we'll all go home and have some Earl Gray Tea with Bergamot limes in, you rotter. With a biscuit.
    \'You know my destiny?\' said Elric eagerly. \'Tell me what it is, Niun Who Knew All.\'
    Niun opened his mouth as if to speak but then firmly shut it again. \'No,\' he said. \'I have forgotten.\'