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Science Falls Prey to Politics

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  • Science Falls Prey to Politics

    I noticed the chat about stem cell research in the Q&A...

    Maybe some of you would be willing to
    urge our Congressional representatives to restore
    scientific integrity! Find out more!

    1. Distortion or Lies: When Politics Trumps Good Science.

    Why has the United States government disregarded global
    consensus on climate change for so long? Why weren't
    EPA experts consulted prior to the creation of new Mercury
    pollution regulations? Science has increasingly been
    manipulated to achieve political aims, and Americans
    have lost the ability to protect themselves. Protect our
    familes from the misuse of science by signing this

    Good science uses the "scientific method" for a reason -
    to ensure that we come as close to the unbiased truth
    as possible. However, on February 18, 2004, over 60
    leading scientists voiced their concern over the Bush
    Administration's systematic distortion of scientific facts
    in an effort to further its political agenda.

    These scientists are so outraged, they signed a letter
    condemning the Administration's current policies which
    have included:

    ** deliberately stacking advisory panels with political
    ** censoring and disregarding government scientists and
    reports when they conflict with the administration's political
    ** disbanding scientific panels whose advice conflicted
    with the Bush administration's policies.

    The integrity of scientific study is critical to those who rely
    on scientific analysis to inform policy decisions and to the
    American public who depends on the governement to
    protect their health and safety.

    How can you help? Join America's leading scientists and
    urge your representatives to call for legislative and
    regulatory action to restore scientific integrity to federal
    policymaking. Go to:

    2. End "Scientific" Whaling -- The Whale-Killing Loophole

    Over 20,000 whales have been killed since commercial
    whaling was banned by the International Whaling
    Commission in 1986. How? Partly because a loophole
    allows any nation to issue itself a permit to kill any number
    of whales "for the purposes of scientific research" and
    sell the whale meat in supermarkets later!

    Some nations, like Japan, continue to expand their
    programs of "scientific" killing. In fact, only 11% of
    Japanese adults support the killings, and so Japan
    has invested in a public relations offensive to convince
    the public that whaling is culturally and economically
    important to Japan and that whales eat too many fish
    and threaten the conservation of fish stocks - a claim
    for which there is no scientific basis.

    More than 1,400 whales are expected to suffer a long
    and torturous death this year alone.

    Sign this petition to Japan's Ministry of the Environment,
    urging him to stop flouting our international agreement
    to protect whales!

    If you learned something interesting
    from this, please forward it to your friends and family.

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    Thanks, LoE!
    \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
    Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview


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      1. Is Mercury Poisoning Your Family?

      You should know...
      1. Mercury pollution from smokestacks contaminates
      our drinking water and food supply.
      2. Mercury exposure can cause permanent brain, kidney,
      & heart damage.
      3. Children, pregnant women, new mothers & their babies
      are particularly vulnerable.

      Last December, the EPA released a mercury pollution
      regulation proposal for power plants that fails to
      protect mothers and children from mercury poisoning.
      Instead, this proposal protects the energy industry by
      setting pollution regulation targets so low that
      coal-burning power plants will be allowed to continue

      What can you do to help? The EPA is accepting your
      comments -- giving you a chance to officially share
      your opinion about this proposal. By submitting your
      public comment, you can help demonstrate to the EPA
      that the public supports a drastic reduction in mercury
      emissions from power plants.

      SIGN NOW and let the EPA know you support reducing
      mercury pollution.

      Help now, The deadline for comments is June 29th:

      2. Activist Tip: Energy Savings Means Pollution Reduction!

      We all know that our environment is a web of interactions
      and consequences. And increasingly, the results of our
      actions can have a huge, global impact. You have recently
      read about mercury pollution from power plants. We are
      actively working to get that pollution under control.
      Perhaps you have already written to the EPA in support
      of stronger regulations. (Thank you!). But you can help
      even more! How? By reducing your energy consumption!
      Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Set your air
      conditioner temperature a few degrees higher than you
      normally would. Consider hang drying your clothes on
      warm, sunny days. The more energy you conserve at
      home, is less energy that your regional power plant has
      to generate.

      3. It's Their Own Dam Fault...
      A Paddler Explores an Indian River That's Damned by a Dam

      The Bhagirathi River, considered holy by many in India,
      stands to be changed irrevocably by the Tehri Dam,
      which will be the fifth-largest in the world when it's
      completed. This $1.2 billion hydroelectric project will
      displace tens of thousands of people from more than
      100 villages, and, say critics, it could lead to
      devastation for thousands more if an earthquake hits,
      as the dam is built near a fault line. Reporter Dan Oko
      paddles through the Bhagirathi's rapids before they
      disappear and reflects on India's plans to go even bigger
      and bolder with hydro..

      today in Grist: A dam shame -- India's predilection for
      massive dams poses big risks -- by Dan Oko

      4. Inspirational Quote:
      As humans, we rely greatly on the environment; often times
      we forget just how much it relies on us. That's why each of
      us plays a vital role in the protection of this precious resource.
      - Henry David Thoreau -- "Life Without Principle", 1863

      Thank you for helping. If you learned something interesting
      from this newsletter, please forward it to your friends and family.

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      \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
      Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview