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Belief vs Knowledge (Absolutes?) [Split from 'Gay marriage']

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  • Jagged
    A confused voice within
    A confused voice within
    • Mar 2004
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    Originally posted by Kyrinn S. Eis View Post

    I had replied in a hurry, and likely came across rather bitchy, which was not my intention.

    1). Tolerance, liberty, and the love of one's next.

    2). To be educated.

    3). No.

    4). Yes, one can. It doesn't make it absolute, tho'.

    5). I didn't get the question, sry.

    6). I don't know where you got the 'all people have the right to be happy' absolute from... However, if we ask the reciprocal question, "Do some people have the right to make other people unhappy just for the sake of it," I think most people would answer "no". That's not an absolute, of course, but an illustration of my standpoint that some things can ring true ad hoc without them being eternal universals that you have to kill somebody for not believing.
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