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  • Jesus and Hillel both pared religion down to its most basic and beautiful core.

    Both of them, and many more, were pointing out that a religion tends to gather rules along the way, many of them lacking in importance to modern life.

    The Jews say that "Saving a life over rides all the laws" Practical folks, the Jews. As the first of the Abrahamic faiths, Judaism has matured a bit.

    The Sikhs have tried to simplify the very complex Hindu system, just as Christianity began welcoming Gentiles, and discarded much ritual.

    We certainly agree that there is so much unexplained in the Universe that we can't discard the idea of God.

    I often see His hand at work, bringing mercy to a harsh world. Quite often badly injured and dying creatures, stop feeling pain before they die. There is no pragmatic evolutionary reason for this. Yet, it often happens. I see this as goodness.

    Of course, there are often hideous atrocities and calamities. Guess only God knows why.

    I wish you and yours a beautiful Holiday Season, full of great joy. Of course, if Uncle Frank falls off the wagon, Clarissa comes home from college knocked up or the family dog dies, well, that's life.

    Friends don't let friends drive drunk!(or eat calimari! Faugh, better to eat your shoe strings!)