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    Originally posted by M-A_19
    LEtranger wrote:

    ever heard of the "Rape of Nanjing"?
    Yes. It's anniversary was marked in the english press a couple of years ago (although several papers used the spelling 'nanking'). It's interesting that you should mention it as an example of an atrocity.

    I have always considered the incident to be an remarkable example of humanity, That of John Rabe the, card-carrying German Nazi who is credited with rescuing more than 50,000 Chinese from the slaughter, at great personal risk, when he could easily have sat by and watched.

    Perhaps it takes the worst of times, to bring out the best in us?
    Yes, I know the story of Rabe. It is an incredible example of why we can still consider ourselves "human". It should be among the 100 "must" books (ot least of factual literature).
    For further reference, as I'm in a hurry and will be travelling a copuple of days, here the Amazon link:

    regards, L'E
    Google ergo sum