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Call for an End of Executions

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  • Morgan Kane
    Lost in the multiverse
    • Jun 2006
    • 1428

    In France we had a famous case in which the army could not admitt she was wrong.

    It almost broke the republic.

    This case was the Dreyfus case

    Death penalty was not really a risk but ...


    • Kymba334
      Eternal Champion
      • Jun 2011
      • 3168


      How can the U.N or anyone force a ban on capital punishment in China or Iran when a "Democracy" like the U.S.A seemingly cannot be shifted from it's position
      re the death penalty?
      Mwana wa simba ni simba

      The child of a lion is also a lion - Swahili Wisdom


      • L'Etranger
        Veteran Moorcockista
        • Dec 2003
        • 4772

        Here we go again:
        Any moral principles left over there? A double victory for those supporting Capital Punishment and radical eugenics?
        America, why do you try so hard to alienate your friends?
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        Google ergo sum


        • Robin
          Citizen of Tanelorn
          • Apr 2011
          • 235

          A lot of this seems moot when you have a president who routinely orders executions with no trials (including of American citizens - which is often stressed, as if that makes it even worse although, for the life of me, I can't see how).

          It has already been pointed out that legal systems can make mistakes - whether honestly, or through abuse of the system. How much more dangerous and open to abuse is a system where someone has the right to have anyone killed with no justification whatsoever.

          (Even pointing these kind of things out can be quite dangerous, especially if you've been to Sweden...).