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US Presidential Candidates

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  • US Presidential Candidates

    I cannot put a poll option for every candidate (there are far too many). But below I shall have a list of all Presidential Candidates as of this time. Vote for the one you think is best (right now, things can change), if yours is not listed in the poll itself, post a reply as a vote. Later, as we draw near the actual election date I will post a new poll and see if the results have changed any.


    Presidential Election Candidates as of March

    James Alexander-Pace Democrat
    Sterling David Allan Providential
    Gordon Lee Anderson Unknown
    Blake Ashby Republican
    Warren Roderick Ashe Democrat
    Donald Paul Award Democrat
    Michael J. Badnarik Libertarian
    George H. Ballard Democrat
    Dianne Barker Democrat
    Katherine Bateman Democrat
    Michael W. 'Mike' Bay National Barking Spider Resurgence Party
    Sanderson Beck Democrat
    Jerry Garth Beck Democrat
    Sheila Bilyeu DC Statehood Green
    William Hobert Blakley Democrat
    James K. 'Jim' Bollinger Democrat
    Richard P. Bosa Republican
    Jacques Yves 'Chief Jack' Boulerice Native American Party
    J. Boydston Independent
    Keith Brand Democrat
    Harry William Braun Democrat
    Dewey R. Broughman Democrat
    Angelo Scott Brown Democrat
    Walter F. 'Walt' Brown Socialist
    John Buchanan Republican
    Larry Joe Buffington Democrat
    Edie Bukewihge Republican
    George W. Bush Republican
    Calvin Otis Butts Republican
    Michael A. Callis Republican
    Peter Miguel Camejo Green Party
    Raymond Joseph Caplette Democrat
    Jerry Leon Carroll Independent
    Willie F. Carter Democrat
    Charles Caston Unknown
    Patrick Cazneau Democrat
    Jeanne Chebib Democrat
    Hillary Rodham Clinton Democrat
    David Keith Cobb Green Party
    Ken Crippen Write-In
    Randolph 'Randy' Wilson Crow Democrat
    HRM Caesar St Augustine De Buonaparte No Party Affiliation
    James Louis 'Watchman' Dezort Independent
    Jeffrey H. Diket Libertarian
    Earl F. Dodge Prohibition
    Gerry Dokka Democrat
    Ernest Lee Easton Veteran's Industrial
    Myron "Mike" Edwards No Party Affiliation
    Max Englerius American Tradition
    Lowell Jackson 'Jack' Fellure Republican
    Christopher G. Fenner Independent
    Susan C. Fey Democrat
    Barry Wynne Finkelstein Democrat
    Marsha Aileen Lannon Foutch Democrat
    Ronald E. 'John Galt, Jr' Gascon Write-In
    Hoover Mark Gee Independent
    Bruce Allen Gidner Republican
    Paul A. Glover Green Party
    Mildred Williams Glover Unknown
    George Gostigian Republican
    Robert William Gottier No Party Affiliation
    Hosanna Jesse Oliver Gray Democrat
    Jackson Kirk Grimes United Fascist Union
    Max Hacker Independent
    Robert Edward Haines Republican
    William A. 'Bill' Hall Independent
    Michael J. Halpin Write-In
    Albert 'Al' Hamburg Independent
    Vincent S. Hamm Democrat
    Cecilia Margaret Harding Democrat
    Mark 'Dick' Harnes Republican
    H. James Headings Constitution
    Clay Oliver Hill Independent
    Samuel B. Hoff Independent
    David Lynn 'Dave' Hollist Libertarian
    Georgia L. Hough Write-In
    Mildred T. 'Millie' Howard Republican
    Darrel Reece Hunter Democrat
    Michael Idrogo Republican
    Jackalope Jack Jackson Green Party
    Arthur H. Jackson Democrat
    Derrick C. Johnson Republican
    Alfonzo Jones Democrat
    Keith Russell Judd Write-In
    Timothy Charles 'Tim' Kalemkarian Republican
    Darren Eugene Karr Party X - Independent
    Andrew J. Kensington United States Justice Party Americale
    John Forbes Kerry Democrat
    Caroline Pettinato Killeen Democrat
    Mike Kleiner Independent
    Matthew Jon Klemmensen Independent
    Dennis J. Kucinich Democrat
    Temperance Alesha Lance-Council The Anti-Hypocrisy Party
    Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Democrat
    Tom Laughlin Republican
    R. Randy Lee Democrat
    Robert Lee Independent
    Robert H. Linnell Democrat
    Ryan Adam Lipner No Party Affiliation
    Rick R. Lovelien No Party Affiliation
    John E. Maffi Independent
    Yehanna Joan Mary Malone Republican
    Joseph Martyniuk Independent
    Isabell Masters Republican
    William H.T. McGaughey Democrat
    Andrew George Merritt Independent
    Kent Mesplay Green Party
    Kenneth Oliver Miller No Party Affiliation
    Carol Miller Green Party
    Michael Tracy Miller Republican
    Grady Dean Mollenhour Democrat
    David John Morascini Human Being
    Robert Len Morris No Party Affiliation
    Leon Motor Independent
    Muadin E-Democratic Party
    Ralph Nader Independent
    George C. Nelson United Veterans Rights
    Sandra Queen Noble Democrat
    Gary P. Nolan Libertarian
    John Henry Nuerenberg Democrat
    Cornelius E. O'Connor Republican
    Edward Thomas O'Donnell Democrat
    Frederick Eugene Ogin Republican
    Joseph W. Organist Independent
    Jason E. Pacifico Reform Party
    Fern Penna Democrat
    Nazirite Ruben Flores Perez Libertarian
    Michael A. Peroutka Constitution
    Charles Anton Phillips Independent
    Kevin Sean Polk No Party Affiliation
    Samuel Lyndell Powell Independent
    James John Prattas Democrat
    Melanie G. Pridgen Unknown
    Raymond J. Raczkowski Democrat
    Diana Ramsey-Rasmussen-Kennedy Fair Representation
    Reality Write-In
    Don Reaux Republican
    Thomas K. 'Major Tom' Reed Prohibition
    James Christopher Reed Democrat
    Arthur Joseph Regan Write-In
    John Donald Rigazio Republican
    Ray 'Buttercup' Rollinson Democrat
    Russell A. Romagna Unknown
    Christina Rosetti Green Party
    Andrew Mark Rotramel Independent
    Aaron Russo Libertarian
    Klayton Chadwick Rutherford Independent
    George Louis Rutten Independent
    Cyril E. Sagan Democrat
    Lorna Salzman Green Party
    Donald Sauter No Party Affiliation
    'Ole' Savior Democrat
    Joseph Charles Schriner Independent
    Steven Wayne Schrom Independent
    Larry J. Schuetter Turtle Political Party
    Craig Eric Sharp Democrat
    Alfred 'Al' Sharpton Democrat
    Freddy Irwin 'Messiah' Sitnick Independent
    Daniel L. Snow Write-In
    Brian Baker Springfield Menorah-Thor
    Michael Ross Tunick Strauss Mike's Party
    Vermin Love Supreme Democrat
    Randy Wayne Sutherland United Christian
    Leonard Dennis Talbow Democrat
    Jim Taylor Democrat
    Pres. L. A. Tompkins Independent, Democrat
    Joe Turner Republican
    Tony G. Van Pelt Unknown
    Charles Gordon Vick Republican
    Da Vid Write-In
    Evelyn Louise Vitullo Democrat
    Florence Walker Democrat
    Hugh Wallace American Independence
    Ted C. Weill Reform Party
    Helen McMullen Williams Democrat
    Timothy Rexford Wilson Independent
    Robert B. Winn Independent
    Thomas Francis Winterbottom Democrat
    Michael T. Witort Health
    Lucian Jacob Wojciechowski Democrat
    William James 'Bill' Wyatt Republican
    Thomas F. 'Tom' Zych Democrat

  • #2
    Vote for me!

    I think we should all vote for Ray 'Buttercup' Rollinson, that's an awesome friggen name!



    • #3
      Urge to kill rising...

      Holy Crap! "Calvin Otis Butts Republican"!!! I was never a bully in school... but even I have an urge to kick that guy's ass. Change your name, for Christ's sake change your name!!!



      • #4

        Ok... no one has replied so now I feel like an ass for making fun of that guy's name. For anyone who wasn't aware: It was a joke. :P



        • #5
          Thanx for the mention

          I invite people who come here to look up our website

          VOTE FASCIST 2004!

          HEIL GRIMES!


          • #6
            Ok... no one has replied so now I feel like an ass for making fun of that guy's name. For anyone who wasn't aware: It was a joke.
            Don't worry, Thanos-- I thought the same thing! If that was my last name, I'd change it. On the other hand, it made him stand out from the others on the list. My maiden name was Coon. It's Scottish, originally MacCoon. Most people didn't think about my name but Southerners picked on me because in the South, 'coon' is a derogatory term for an African-American. Still, if my name was Butts, I think I'd change it.
            WWED -- What Would Elric Do?


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              Non-American voters

              Did I mention that this poll is open to non-Americans as well? I'd be interested to know who foreigners would like to see elected.