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Television and why I've got rid of it.

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  • michaelk
    Wanderer of the Mittel March
    • May 2007
    • 23

    Yes..and if we'd had proper broadband in the first place as per the original cable specs for a technology that would give equal bandwidth to upload and download, then we'd have had every house with their own TV station by now.

    I was expecting a whole lot of creativity to be coming of an upload revolution by now but as it is instead of the re-edited news broadcasts we should be broadcasting, we're still looking for the episode of (your suggestion here) where the furry blimp escapes after shagging the numpty nuns.

    Erm...or something.

    Originally posted by Reinart der Fuchs View Post
    Don't worry too much DCS. You'll be able to download that television show for free off the Interwebs for free if you are so inclined.


    • johneffay
      Born Again Nihilist
      • Sep 2005
      • 3394

      Any chance that you can put the quotes you respond to at the top of your posts? It makes it easier to immediately understand your point.

      Many thanks


      • danskmacabre
        Defender of the Runestaff
        • Sep 2006
        • 377

        Originally posted by michaelk View Post
        Ha ha! Another victory for the 'Not on your Nelly, Aunty!' massive!
        I bet it didn't take long to get those channels retuned, eh?
        Actually, I haven't watched Tv for ages so I didn't tune them back.
        Even if I wanted to I wouldn't, as I reckon they send around the TV detector vans from time to time

        Sounds like this bloke was programmed only to respond to 'I was just about to pop out and renew my licence.' or 'I haven't got a telly but if you don't mind, could you come back later to check as I've got to get my granny out of the bath first'.
        I suspect so, he didn't actually come in at all, he was probably scared or just too shocked to respond hehe.

        If the BBC spent more time upgrading the chips in their licence-droids and less time on getting ties for their weather presenters, the world would probably be in a much better state.
        Erm...or something.
        I don't necessarily object to a TV license, there's just not much on TV I want to see these days.
        It would have been nice to keep TV channels such as Freeview and opt out of the BBC though.
        It seems pretty unfair you have to pay the license even if you don't watch the BBC but would want to watch TV.
        Whatever the case I'm not fussed either way anymore.