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Transhumanist Libertarinism?

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  • Theocrat
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    • Dec 2003
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    Transhumanist Libertarinism?

    Unlike philosophers, social critics and activists who place a moral value on preservation of natural systems, transhumanists see the very concept of the "natural" as an obstacle to progress.
    It's very disturbing to read about the libertarianism within transhumanist movements, and particularly, the extropians.

    What do you guys think?

    In mainstream economics (didn't know there 'really' was such a thing)
    the libertarian economic theories are regarded as crank science:

    The Swedish Libertarian, Transhumanist (of course), has translated a report 'What every european should know about global warming".Which is presented to debunk the Al Gore documentary, and kyoto, to once again represent 'equilibrium models' instead. This is, I think, where their usual
    'A priori' method comes in. Creepy...

    No cyberpunk world for me pleazzee!..

    Time to hit the hay.
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