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The Numbers of 9-11 and the War on Terror

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  • The Numbers of 9-11 and the War on Terror

    2’973 people died on September the 11th, 2001. It has been five years since that fateful event occurred that would change our world forever. I remember seeing the news reports and it was like a movie, it was like Independence Day, it was like the opening to the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime where the space colony crashes into Sydney. But it was all too real and I didn’t want to see it, I didn’t want to accept that this was real.

    It has been five years since September the 11th 2001 and yet the death toll has continued to rise. It has been five years since George W. Bush Jr, President in Chief of the United States of America declared his ‘War on Terrorism,’ a war that nobody can win. You can fight a figure like Hitler; you can fight a man who is a personification of all we loathe. 5.1 Million Jews alone died in the Nazi Death Camps.

    5.1 Million

    It’s just a number. It’s the only way we can comprehend it, 5.1 million people died because they were Jewish, 5.1 million people. They had lives, names, they loved, they dreamed, they worshipped and they were heartlessly slaughtered because of what they were. And that’s just the Jews; I’m not including the homosexuals, the Polish, the disabled, the mentally ill, the people who died in World War II.

    2’973 people died on 9-11, whether they be the people on the planes, the men and women in the tower, even the people who crashed the planes. Have so many people died in one mere day?

    And we went to war, we went to a futile war against an ideal, you can fight Hitler, you can fight Stalin and you could win. You cannot fight communism, you cannot fight terror… how can you fight a mental state of mind? Can you fight love? Can you fight hate?

    We went to Afghanistan first, planning to oust the Taliban and get Osama Bin Laden for what he did. Operation Enduring Freedom.

    At least 3’485 civilians died, 1’500 members of the Al-Qaeda and 5’200 members of the Taliban, 475 Coalition soldiers died.

    9-11’s death toll has now become 13’633, 6’458 were non-combatants, more than twice the amount of people who died in 9-11. One started the other, a chain reaction, we went to Afghanistan because of those 2’973 people and we killed another 3’485 civilians to kill 6’700 ‘Terrorists.’

    Then we went to Iraq, we went after Saddam. We went after Saddam because

    a- He had weapons of Mass Destruction
    b- He was allegedly aiding Al-Qaeda
    c- He held his subjects under a rule of terror and oppression.

    Only one of those was found out to be true and to be truly, bluntly honest, if the Governments of the Western World had given one whit about those people, then we would’ve actually done something back in the 90s. We went to war with dubious morality and in 2003- Operation Iraqi Liberation started. I remember it well, I was a University Student, I remember watching it on TV. I remember hearing the reports of the first casualties for our side.

    Killed in Friendly Fire

    The first people we killed were people on our own side.

    As of the 8th of September of this year- 2’900 coalition troops have been killed in Iraq, 50’000 Civilians have died in Iraq between now and 2003 when the War started. It has been estimated that the amount of deaths in Iraq of civilian and non-civilian due to war is almost 98’000. These numbers are always in dispute, it isn’t easy to count corpses when bodies have been burnt or destroyed by bombs.

    Because of 9-11, 111’633 people have reportedly died. Are we safe from Terrorism? Has this ‘War on Terror’ been worth it?

    202 people died in the Bali Bombing in 2002. 23 died again in Bali in a bombing in 2005. Countless embassies have been bombed and 52 people died in the July 7th bombing in London. Countless terrorist attacks have supposedly been thwarted, but now comes the crux, would these bombings, each one relatively minor in comparison to those who have died in Iraq, Afghanistan and all the various battle grounds in the ‘War on Terror.’

    Today is September the 11th, five years after this whole terrible affair started and the killing has not stopped. The blood of 9-11 is still fresh and stains the entire world, and you have to wonder, if the United States of America had not embarked on their new Cold War against a phantom concept that you cannot win, would we have had more 9-11’s and less Iraq Wars? How many people must die before 2’973 deaths can finally rest?

    Today is September the 11th and the wounds of that horrific day have still not yet begun to close and the death toll is still rising.

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    On the 11 th of September 1973, General Pinochet overthrew the legal governement of Chili, president S. Allende.

    It is estimated that 10 000 persons were killed int the coup d' etat. more than 3 000 were tortured and killed in the following years.

    It was with the agrement of the united state when the leftist governement won the legislative elections.

    this 11 th of September is forgotten.

    I knowthat the united states are not the only source of death and evil in this world. But they act in the name of democracy abd human rights and they are one of the light of freedom in the world.


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      In the movie 11 09 01, Ken Loach tells the story of a chilian who talks about this, Morgan. He ends his story with "Next 11th september, you will celebrate your first anniversary and we will remember you. I hope you will remember us..."

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      Free the West Memphis Three