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Down goes Bannon

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  • Down goes Bannon

    That he was indicted doesn’t surprise me. That Trump quickly distanced himself as far as possible from him doesn’t surprise me. It surprises me that it was for attempted wire fraud and money laundering. I knew the guy had few scruples, but this just showed his (and his two co-conspirators’) contempt for the people who fell
    for his wall BS. And most still won’t think they were had.

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    Guy always did look like about 14 gallons of swamp water in a 10 gallon skin suit.

    Who could have known "drain the swamp" meant these swamp denizens would go and get themselves arrested?

    Swamp birds of a feather flock together?

    Another tale from the griftocracy.

    Yeah, I got nothing.


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      We knew who he was and what he was. This has been met with a massive shrug, which really tells you everything you need to know.