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Real Activism?

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    • Jan 2004
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    Real Activism?

    There are a lot of smart people here and at MoveOn. They've got lots of compelling anti-BushCo information at their fingertips.

    How do we marshall all this damning evidence against the bastards running America? How do we put it to good use?

    We can hold endless bull sessions here in this forum, and we can send e-mail to each other, sharing all that good information, but that's not nearly enough. You telling me that BushCo is a gang of criminals and traitors... well, that's just preaching to the choir. Bush supporters don't read forums with names like ACTIVISM. Unless we take that information to the people who really need it, we're just engaging in an activist's circle jerk.

    What will you do, TODAY, to make things better?

    In my fondest dreams, BushCo and all their oligarch pals get dragged from their beds by a righteously angry mob before being tried and executed for crimes against the American people and against humanity. That's not likely to happen, but the least we can do is work to get them voted out of office. It's very common for people to take the attitude that their vote doesn't count, but votes add up... and THAT counts for a lot.

    What will you do, TODAY, to change a Bush supporter's vote?

    Attacking them doesn't help. Screaming and waving signs at them in the street only entrenches them. Nobody likes to be that wrong, and if you are overly strident in pointing out their wrongness, they will instantly become defensive. What ought to be a dialogue becomes a shouting match, a pointless exchange of ad hominem attacks.

    Find someone who supports Bush, anyone, even if it's only a single person. Talk to them. Be patient, be gentle, present the facts to them, and let them come to their own conclusions without you telling them what to think. Be friendly. Be helpful.

    Find someone who hates BushCo, but feels that voting is futile, and convince them to vote.

    If you go out, TODAY, and convince one anti-Bush non-voters to get off the couch and exercise their franchise, then you've doubled the power of your own vote. If you go out, TODAY, and change just one Bush supporter's vote, then you've tripled the power of your own vote.

    Here's a good idea: make it fun to vote. Get a few kegs or something and invite everyone you know to a party on election day. You can all go to the polls together, do your civic duty, and then party your socially responsible asses off. Yay!

    You know what to do. Go do it! TODAY.