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Cyprus, Refugees & Hezbollah/Israel [Split from Moorcock Inn]

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    The count has risen up to 35,000 people. Most of them are Americans, French, Swedish, British and Canadians. There have been some Lebanese but not as many as the nationalities mentioned. This fact together with the tourist period has created some problems to the airports and docks, but with help from other countries whose citizens are refugees and United Nations, those problems are solved.
    More info if you can read greek at
    It seems though that we dont have time to steal from the refugees, we have enough tourist foreigners to suck blood from. I dont know how many people are in Ayia Napa and Limassol, I heard roumours about a million but I dont believe them. They are close though. Think how difficult it is with so many tourists coming from Europe and refugees from Asia. But we are glad to help, at least this way the world notices our tiny country.


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      The main problem, at least from what I see in my country, is that people dont care. Cyprus might not be a rich country, but there are not many poor people in the country. The majority have a house and at least one car and eat every day. From a very young age, parents teach their children that the meaning of life is a well paying job, even if it is not something that the child will enjoy. That is partially because Cyprus passed through a very poor era a few dacades ago and the previus generation remain with the belief that what makes a correct and happy human is the income.
      And I ask you, how can a person, after hours of work (not necessarily hard work), sitting in an airconditioned room, watching stupid gossip TV shows, with full stomach, care about what is going on in the world or even in his/her country, at least more than an angry complain? That is the result of people getting educated and not cultured.

      Until this day, from what I have heard in the news, 40,000 people have arrived in Cyprus and 35,000 have departed. So, it seems that things are working out for the refugees.
      Also, the leading doctor of the Cypriots "Doctors of the world" and also a deputy of the parliament announced that the main injury doctors have to cure in Lebanon are deep burns, caused perhaps by phosphor bombs.