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  • ReaveTheJust
    I got bought Hegemony or Survival by my wife

    anybody read it?

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  • Grey Mouser
    Thanks for the link Galadriel. Even though it was a spoof on Chomsky's political analysis I enjoyed it. There are a couple of others out ther on the net. A version of Lord of the Rings based on a similar spoof might prove to be an amusing counterpoint to the original. :)

    Jerico, thanks for your input. 8)

    Chomsky's background as a linguist seems to me ideally suited for deconstructing the political doublespeak that goes on in today's climate. He looks behind the pseudo-rhetoric, and his passionate but carefully reasoned opposition and analytical approach I find to be a breath of fresh air, and a spur to slouches like me.

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  • Jerico
    He's quite a guy!

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  • Jules
    Jerico - Noam the political activist and Noam the linguist are one and the same - he gets around a bit (I first came across him as an academic while studying AI - my wife while she was studying German).

    I know a Noam / He hasn't got a Home

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    I am not the co author of it. And yes I will admit I was kind of pulling your leg. I seriously doubt Noam Chumsky would say that stuff. But it was funny to read.

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  • Jerico
    Originally posted by Galadriel
    Um, I don't know what to think about Noam Chomsky. He gave a weird talk on The Lord of the Rings. Here is the link

    There's no doubt, Noam Chomsky is not the guy in that piece. Were you pulling our legs Miss Galadriel?

    I went ahead and eMailed the writer, here's his reply:

    Subj: re: McSweeney's
    Date: 6/1/2004 4:17:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Sent from the Internet (Details)

    It is completely fictional, I am a co-author of it, and I thank you very
    much for this.

    >From: [email protected]
    >To: [email protected]
    >Subject: re: McSweeney's
    >Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 19:05:34 EDT
    >I was reading the McSweeney's bit:
    >U N U S E D
    >A U D I O C O M M E N T A R Y
    >B Y H O W A R D Z I N N
    >A N D N O A M C H O M S K Y ,
    >R E C O R D E D
    >S U M M E R 2 0 0 2 ...
    >So is that piece completely fictional and you
    >are one of the co-authors of it?
    >I think it's quite funny!

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  • Jerico
    I have satirized LOTR myself.
    It's not that I hate LOTR. In fact,
    I am a fan of the movies,
    but here's what I did if you missed it... ;)

    Lord of The Dance Rings

    Rated PG-13

    Brought together by Riverdance's Michael Flatley
    and Tolkien Enterprises, this is a delightful
    3 hour and 40 minute musical on film. Parallelling
    and extending the ideas in the Peter Jackson film,
    the Bilbo Baggins's birthday scene is extended
    another 20 minutes, elborating on the few seconds
    of dance shown in the dramatic film. The birthday
    celebration dances of Frodo and Gandalf run 10 minutes
    total, 1000 fold longer than the 3 seconds in the Jackson film--
    enough to satisfy any dance aficionado.

    In an associated press interview, Sir Ean McKellan said,
    "I am doing much better now; it was well worth the effort,"
    when asked of his collapse due to a heart attack
    during the filming of the new musical. "Of course,
    the weed helped especially!" he mused.

    It is predicted that Lord of the Dance Rings will
    be even more successful than the Jackson film
    (which won 4 out of 13 Academy Award nominations
    including Best Picture Featuring Blue Eyed People).

    Scheduled for it's Cannes Film festival premier next month,
    the new musical on film recieved rave reviews at the
    Hong Kong Movie Awards earlier this month. Asian film magazine
    Hai! writer Ha Chu wrote, "I was bedazzeled! I highly commend the CGI team in their creation of The Dancing Balrog. It's

    Executive Dance Coordinator/Producer Michael Flatley commented:

    Ever since I chose to resign from Riverdance, I've been looking for a new project to work on and be immersed in. I loved every minute of The Lord of the Dance Rings movie making experience. [This film] combines the things I most enjoy in life: dance, fantasy, flamboyant costumes, monkey sex and leiderhosen.

    I'm confident that it will be an international hit [A giant sneer on his face --Ed.], and I will finally have enough money for two lifetimes! [laughing]

    Movie Maker Magazine speculates that LOTDR musical on film will take more Oscars in 2003 than the dramatic fantasy/action movie took in this year's Academy Awards ceremony. The award most likely to be won is thought to be Best Picture With the Greatest Deviation from the Original Vision, although Francis Ford Copolla's Blackula 2002 is a strong dark horse in the running.

    Lord of the Dance Rings opens nationally late next month.

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  • Jerico
    Originally posted by Galadriel
    Um, I don't know what to think about Noam Chomsky. He gave a weird talk on The Lord of the Rings. Here is the link

    I just read the first two comments, and it appears they are just being funny and sarcastic. From what I know of McSweeneys, is that McSweeneys is all about having fun, if not just expose new and current writers.


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  • Jerico
    Unless there's more than one Noam Chomsky,
    I first leard of him studying behavioral psychology.


    Chomsky (language theorist) et al. overestimated the "language capabilities" of chimpanzees.
    Chimpanzees, to a certain degree, can use
    sign language. They hoped their lab chimp Nim Chimpsky
    could one day go live in the wild and "communicate" with the wild chimps,
    and then return to the researchers and give them valuble
    information about the wild chimps. ::buzzer sounds:: It wouldn't work.
    Research showed that Nim wasn't able to learn enough sign language to argue that chimps can even use language (as we define it).

    In short, he is a very smart dude.

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  • Doc
    Thanks Mouser. Interesting stuff.

    Just what I need-- another excuse to stay online longer... :? :) The last time I followed a link with a lot of content was when someone poseted the Wikipedia link here. 4 hours of my life I'll never get back.

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Um, I don't know what to think about Noam Chomsky. He gave a weird talk on The Lord of the Rings. Here is the link


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  • VonWeiner
    Nice Mouser! Great resource. It is now bookmarked. Thanks.

    Got no Solzhenitsyn though :(

    I love his work. Gulag Archipelago and Ivan Denisovich being two of my favorites.

    Maybe if I dig a little deeper into the site...

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  • Activism, Chomsky, Anarchy, Kropotkin and more, at

    I'd just like to point out a fantastic web resource I found a while ago while reading a little about Chomsky.

    Among the encyclopediac and bewilderingly vast colletion of articles is the Chomsky Archive and a great section on Anarchy called Anarchy Watch:

    Also this website has links to other fantastic web resources like this one on Peter Kropotkin: