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The Ad CBS Will Not Air

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  • The Ad CBS Will Not Air

    During this year's Super Bowl, you'll see ads sponsored by beer companies, tobacco companies, and the Bush White House. But you won't see the winning ad in Voter Fund's Bush in 30 Seconds ad contest. CBS refuses to air it.

    Meanwhile, the White House and Congressional Republicans are on the verge of signing into law a deal which Senator John McCain (R-AZ) says is custom-tailored for CBS and Fox, allowing the two networks to grow much bigger. CBS lobbied hard for this rule change; members across the country lobbied against it; and now the ad has been rejected while the White House ad will be played. It looks an awful lot like CBS is playing politics with the right to free speech.

    Of course, this is bigger than just the Voter Fund. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) submitted an ad that was also rejected. We need to let CBS know that this practice of arbitrarily turning down ads that may be "controversial" – especially if they're controversial simply because they take on the President – just isn't right.

    To watch the ad that CBS won't air and sign the petition to CBS to run these ads, go to:

    Or call the switchboard for CBS Corporate to complain about their censorship at: (212) 975-4321 will deliver the petition by email directly to CBS headquarters. Thanks.
    \"Cheer up, Frank. It\'s not the end of the world.\"
    (Moorcock, The English Assassin)

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    The thing is, CBS is a private company and can pretty much show whatever ad they want. Its not a freedom of speech issue unless the government is supressing your free speech. I doubt either Moveon or PETA could even afford the fees it costs to air a Super Bowl commercial, and I doubt that even if they could, they would be reaching the right audience. Better they spend their time and money elsewhere, IMO.


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      Nice commercial though.