Prologue: this thread could have been in french riots, or else; but enough is enough with casus belli , I'd like to mention it as an attempt to being full of PEACE.

Overseas french author Aimأ© Ceasair who recently honoured as friendly the well known actor Dany Glover who has swallowed his tears on this occasion, is really filled of consternation as I am yet , after the deny of french parliament to delete the wicked law recognizing the positive role of the colonization in north Africa. To recognize the "positive role" of the colonization should be like naming a street "Street of the Benefit of the nazi Occupation ", Guadeloup representative said last week.
(hint: Don't mistake 'nazi' for 'german').
The worst is not only the very words of this f* law, but it makes the facts of colonization mandatory in the history books of secondary school. At one moment years of the adolescence when the lack of judgement make them taking everything for granted, having large neuro-plasticity.

After we have had the Sarkozy -Head of Home Office- 's 'karcher' (a high pressure of water 'cleaning solution' of his ) to eliminate the suburbs from its 'racaille' - his quote- (the plebs, the mob, the riffraff, scum, refuse, vermin, in the on line dictionary ), the cup reached overkill! I guess that the son of Sarkozy should emigrate and to change his name.
Scum recalls me a terrific film of Ken Loach on the treatment of deliquant in the UK's eighties. France is proud to however sell Airbus but is 25 years late at least.

I guess the two ways to attempt to cure what is screwing in our society could be:
1) the 'karcher Sarkozy' way - or Ruppert's so called hammer, by the way could I propose a new urban word Ruppert, for instance: Laura's credo :
- "Don't make your Ruppert ! Georges" !
A Ruppert could be slang word for a guy whom favorite argument is a sledgehammer ab initio.
I let you to evaluate what kind of world we could live in. Oh s*, this is ours actually ?
2) the way to permeate culture, literacy, open minding, evolving, and last but not least, cherry on the top of the cake, PEACE.
And the winner izzzz: --scratch ---scritch --R2 ---beeep---the holo pls---
of course 2) wins my favour but this prescription is a tough potion to apply. Almost need to be Prometheus for such a job , what I am not. But maybe if the community works, seeds will develop.