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60 Minutes to air “Doing Business With the Enemy”

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  • 60 Minutes to air “Doing Business With the Enemy”

    CauseNET for January 24, 2004

    Latest News: 60 Minutes to air “Doing Business With the Enemy�

    60 Minutes will run a piece this Sunday evening (7pm EST – check local listings) about Halliburton’s business deals in Iran, cleverly circumventing the Iran-Libya sanctions Act, which Vice President Dick Cheney lobbied to repeal while he was Halliburton's CEO. The company also did business with Libya.

    Common Cause’s Eye On Iraq campaign continues to watch where the public’s money is going, who is benefiting, and why. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

    For more on the show from 60 Minutes:

    Visit the Common Cause Eye on Iraq campaign:

    News on Halliburton’s dealings in Iran:

    Donate to Common Cause here:
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