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Now we will all be entrepreneurs?

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  • Theocrat
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    • Dec 2003
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    Now we will all be entrepreneurs?

    Found a weird article here that claims that bluecollar workers, in the future will start working white collar jobs. :?

    So if the logic continue's farther into the future.
    Whats comes after white collar jobs?

    I don't see anything about wealth distribution in this.
    The logic seems flawed.

    America has a huge trade deficit not because it is not exporting enough, but because American consumers are spending too much.
    *Waaaahhhahahahahahahahaa!* :lol:

    Aren't working americans, in fact, already spending money they don't have? I also see the wage gap (aka because of class differences) as a result.

    What about the "military keysianism" the American government uses so proudly after R. Reagan pulled it off? Sure beats the hell out of public sector spending, right?

    I gotta hit the sack and work two 12hr shifts this weekend.
    *The Pain*