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Katrina exposes the failure of the US Government!

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  • Katrina exposes the failure of the US Government!

    Gotta go to work so i'll speak a little more tomorrow!

    WTH up with our beloved community forum?

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    And now, a counterpoint from James "Obfuscates With Irony" Lileks:

    Originally posted by James Lileks
    Check the blogs: they’re calling President Bush’s response to Katrina “My Pet Goat pt. 2.� It’s a reference to the idea, so beloved of the Michael Moore enthusiasts and Osama Bin Laden, that President Bush’s initial reaction to the 9/11 was to give a what-me-worry grin and keep reading a kid’s story, because he wanted to know how it ended. These people seem to believe that a complete set of evacuation plans – including the removal of the entire city, buildings included, to Manitoba – were slapped down on the President’s desk the moment Katrina was just a stiff breeze, and Bush said nope. Call me when gas hits nine bucks a gallon, and besides, the town’s just full of Democrats; let �em float out in those Cadillacs they bought with welfare checks.
    SOURCE: Screedblog

    This is just the sort of hollow insight I get from every rightie with whom I have the odious pleasure of debating. Completely ignoring the facts that Bush cut the funding to build up the levees and that it was known the levees would not hold, Lileks tries to sound clever and baffle us with sarcasm by saying, "These people seem to believe that a complete set of evacuation plans... were slapped down on the President’s desk... and Bush said nope." See, because he used poorly constructed irony, we are supposed to nod our heads and declare that our gossamer left-wing beliefs have been completely cut to ribbons by Lileks's razor-sharp wit. He's a professional editorialist, dontchaknow.

    Originally posted by James Lileks
    Four years after 9/11, it’s apparent that some local governments are not well-oiled machines when it comes to disasters...
    Please. I mean, really. Four years after 9/11, what is apparent is that we are no safer from disaster than we were then. What is apparent is that Bush has a hard time reacting in a way that doesn't cause extra deaths.

    It's beyond me how right-wingers like Lileks can so easily forgive a president who failed to cancel all plans and focus on taking care of the most important thing suddenly on his plate: relief from a Category 5 hurricane assaulting his country. Somehow, it's okay that Bush played guitar, Condoleeza watched Spamalot! and Rumsfeld took in a baseball game while people were dying in Louisiana. I don't get it, but there it is. He fully blames local government. As if Nagin was seeing peep-shows on Bourbon Street when Katrina hit.

    If you'd like a good idea of how right-wingers think (and argue), go to the link I provided and read Lileks's screed. There's no solid content there at all; it's just a bunch of puffed-up sarcasm, though it tries to come off as being so much more. It tries so, so hard. And, like he whom it tries to defend, it fails miserably.

    Probably the best part is how in all his attempts at mordancy, he ends up telling it like it really is:

    Originally posted by James Lileks
    Remember Gitmo? The shame of America, before this other shame? The shame that came after that other shame?
    Uh... yeah. I remember.
    "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
    --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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      There certainly has been an inordinately high shame count with this President and his Oily Administration.


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        Originally posted by PsychicWarVeteran
        He's a professional editorialist, dontchaknow.
        I don't know whether to :lol: or

        But certainly not over this fool.
        As I said before "conservatives are stupid!"