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Walken runs for President!?

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  • devilchicken
    We'll get to that later
    • Nov 2004
    • 2814

    Walken runs for President!?

    Now I'm worried
    Batman: It's a low neighborhood, full of rumpots. They're used to curious sights, which they attribute to alcoholic delusions.

    Robin: Gosh, drink is sure a filthy thing, isn't it? I'd rather be dead than unable to trust my own eyes!
  • Theocrat
    Eternal Companion
    • Dec 2003
    • 771

    Hmmm... I think he sounds like Roosevelt or Truman maybe.
    Sounds like a Liberal though. Or is he a conservative prick like the others?

    Anyway.. I think it's stupid that campaigning in requires a fat bank account, or generous donations from corporations and other influential interest groups, to further their political causes and not the little guy. It isn't one bit democratic at all.


    • lemec
      Eternal Champion
      • Jul 2005
      • 5317

      Would he bring more cow bell to the nation if elected?

      I like him as an actor, but I know nothing about what he believes in. Is Walken really going to run? I really don't think any of the Hollywood actors would make a good president. I think more non politicians should have a shot at the office though. :)

      "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
      - Michael Moorcock


      • Typhoid_Mary
        Little Voice
        • Jun 2004
        • 541

        But is it a hoax? According to this blog it is.


        • Theocrat
          Eternal Companion
          • Dec 2003
          • 771

          Well what about a "Worst Presidents" voting?
          That could be fun?

          I start with:
          G. Bush Jr.
          Calvin Coolidge
          Herbert Hoover

          Carter was a nice kinda guy but not a good president I guess.


          • A_Non_Ymous
            • Jul 2004
            • 2659

            The worst probably must start with:

            - Franklin Pierce (GWB's ancestor, voted the worst president of all time)
            - Millard Fillmore (later affiliated with the "Know Nothing" Party)
            - James Buchanon
            - Herbert Hoover

            GWB is well on his way to joining that august company on his record so far.

            To really qualify as "bad," the president under discussion should at least have served a full term and have been elected. This disqualifies people like the ineffectual Ford and the questionable Harding.

            Most "bad" presidents are actually a mixture of good and bad to some degree, but *really bad* presidents need to have accomplished nothing at all positive during their tenures -- or at least nothing worth noting. Even "good" presidents aren't 100% successful, if one examines the record.



            • Typhoid_Mary
              Little Voice
              • Jun 2004
              • 541

              I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Tricky Dicky yet.


              • John DiFool
                Moonbeam Traveller
                • Aug 2005
                • 4

                If Walken does run, a psychic named Johnny Smith will likely try to
                assassinate him. :D


                • EverKing
                  Eternal Companion
                  • Jan 2004
                  • 964

                  The real question is: do we want a former James Bond villian as president? :lol:
                  "In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro"
                  --Thomas a Kempis