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Reporter Jailed in USA, Not in Africa!

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  • L'Etranger
    Veteran Moorcockista
    • Dec 2003
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    Reporter Jailed in USA, Not in Africa!

    I am surprised that nobody here at "Seasoned Rebate" reacts to the Judith Miller Case ...
    The NYT reporter has been sent to jail for bravely putting the interests of democracy ahead of her personal liberty. She has prevented further compromising of the media with the government and thereby defied an administration that prefers to "embed" journalists or tends to "manage" the press with threats of retribution, if necessary.

    Should the case be controversial, if I have got something wrong, let's hear it please!
    If one of our reporters had been gaoled in a "Third World" country the outcry would have been more notable.
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  • PsychicWarVeteran
    Flesh Bag of Mostly Water
    • Mar 2004
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    Sadly, it is true, LEtranger. It's a point of conflict with me because the revelation acquired by the investigation in which she refused to testify was so bloody important. (See the [broken link]Plame thread.)

    I hate to see this sort of thing happen. I hate to see important information acquired through the violation of civil rights. The government has no right to make the reporter give up her sources. I just would have hoped she'd do that out of the goodness in her own heart...
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    • Doc
      Eternal Champion
      • Jan 2004
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      I'm with PWV on this one--I'm strangely excited by what was revealed, but I deplore the method (and the messengers). I posted a few thoughts on the Plame thread.

      I think shieid laws are important, and I see a federal one being enacted in the very near future. However, I think that we've eroded the line between journalsists, commentators, and attack dogs, I'm not sure how or to whom we can apply such a law. Novak isn't exactly a journalist in the typical sense--he writes for a newspaper, and that's about all he has in common with most reporters who would use (and need) a shield law. It's also not surprising that: 1) Rove used him for the leak 2) He becomes a journalist, not a "conservative critic and commentator" only when he needs a place to hide.