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USCIS stands tall as a model of success

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  • USCIS stands tall as a model of success

    This made me quite angry:

    Perhaps I'm a little bitter after my experience this week with my typo'd green card that I have to pay to fix, but I think quite honestly - public funded organisations should really be telling its investors (i.e. the general public) exactly how it is, rather than trying to cover up their own incompetance and inefficiency by 'blowing their own trumpet'.

    Unfortunately this sort of thing works because it makes the general public think that the USCIS is doing a better job than it actually is. Everyone's tax dollars are paying for this bureaucratic monster; moreover, everyone's tax dollars are paying for the marketing as well. I don't think that's a particularly worthwhile use of public funds.

    The simple fact is the USCIS is not a 'model of efficiency', certainly not one to be proud of.
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    Absolutely, DC. Too many times I've seen the horribly long lines at Federal buildings and have heard literally hundreds of horror stories involving immigration. One would think this would be a very streamlined process of which we could all be proud. Americans are nearly all immigrants by at most a few generations (and apologies to the folks displaced who were here first - all I can say is I was not there displacing).
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