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Bush is coming to Denmark

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    Hm, I guess those bombs in the London subway overshadowed everything else that is going on. It's grotesque how a few fanatics, thinking that The Lord/Allah will reward them in Heaven and feed them grapes and maidens forever, will do any wickedness on this Earth. The McVeighs and bin Ladens of this world, tsk, tsk!

    Too bad that they don't understand that these atrocities will only deliver them to Iblis and and living forever in a cottage house.


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      Oops, previous post was me. Forgot to log in.
      "If the environment were a bank, we would already have saved it." -Graffitti.


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        Bush came to Upstate NY to talk to some "privilaged students" and what did I get? A tax raise to pay the police overtime and the airport shutdown that ensued. Thanks, GWB! I love that tax raise !