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Great news! Iraq democracy working like a champ!

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  • PsychicWarVeteran
    Iraqi defense officials have embezzled $1.27 billion

    It appears the Iraqi government is acting more like the Bush Administration than we could have ever imagined!

    Originally posted by The World Tribune
    Iraq has depleted its defense procurement budget due to widespread corruption, torpedoing plans to end the military's dependence on the United States.

    An official Iraqi audit said $1.27 billion allocated by the Defense Ministry for military procurement in 2005 was embezzled by officials and suppliers. In a report completed in May, the Board of Supreme Audit blamed the theft on U.S.-appointed senior Defense Ministry officials, including a former defense minister...

    "There have been many violations of the bidding process..." Hadi Al Amiri, chairman of parliament's Integrity Committee, said. "Many bids were improperly conducted and awarded by ministers without any input from committees established to assess the bids."

    About $500 million of the embezzled funds were spent through three front companies that received kickbacks...
    It would seem Bush is teaching them something afterall!


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  • Miqque
    Ah, yes. The Gitmo System. Gitmo Democracy, Gitmo votes, Gitmo out of life...

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  • Whiskers
    started a topic Great news! Iraq democracy working like a champ!

    Great news! Iraq democracy working like a champ!