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    Originally posted by Miqque
    This is what I've been talking about in this thread. I sincerely wish for a non-violent end to such situations, but that's a rare outcome. Perhaps in the political arena it can be different, as when the bully's true nature is exposed perhaps their confirmation for an important position will also come to an abrupt end.
    It's always the nice guys they pick at... Don't they?
    I bet it's insecurity as always. Not understanding them. And not wanting to either because of fear. I wonder which schools, in whatever country, attack the problem at heart?
    Parents could be the problem. They spread more idiocy than they would understand or care to admit. Is there a race issue involved in why he gets into fights?

    More beating, like some people want, doesn't solve the issue. (It even provokes pedophilia in students later in life) I went to such a school and I can tell you it didn't help. All it spreads is more violence. Sneaky and more under the surface.
    Which to me is even more scary.

    I think students should be tought more theater or roleplaying. And put themselves in different roles, that other kids have. "So kids understand why other people or (a person) are different and act the way they do."
    Kids aren't stupid! They just lack guidance and insight.
    And sports should be a little more downplayed.
    There are smart and good coaches though.
    Frank Leahy had a good comment about egotism.
    The movie 'Radar' brought me alot of hope on the subject of humanism and egalitarian thought in America.

    I don't know if there are more private schools in America now?
    Care to tell me?


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      Originally posted by Theocrat
      Originally posted by Doc
      Does Adorno have an agenda, as the reviewers suggest? Of course. Every academic work does. This is not Marxism, however, nor does it have a Marxist agenda.
      Is it a tough read? Or is it smooth and relatively easy to digest?
      I thought it was a pretty easy read, but I read it in graduate school. I was in the middle of similar reading, so my perspective is a bit skewed.

      Sorry I can't be of more help.


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        There was a good discussion of bullying (psychological as well as physical) on this morning's Starting Over. (A syndie show on UPN mornings, about a group of women with 'life coaches' and a house psychologist - I'll edit in a link in a minute.)

        Here's the link (you can surf around the site for more info):
        Starting Over story

        Here's an excerpt:

        "Season two graduate Denise also grew up in an abusive environment where she witnessed and experienced her father’s physical abuse. Instead of isolating herself, she used her sarcastic humor to bully people. Because Denise never had guidelines set about appropriate behavior as a child, as an adult, Denise behaved any way she wanted. Dr. Stan advises women in abusive relationships to acknowledge that such behavior is not appropriate."
        ... just another sailor on the seas of Fate, dogpaddling desperately ...