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The "W" Word

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    The "W" Word

    It is a question of cultural memory.

    "War" on poverty.

    "War" on drugs.

    "War" on terror.

    Please view the follwing:


    This is what a "war" looks like. It is a process of destroying a country, a culture, a social-economic system. And as fast and as cheaply as possible. *

    This is not what is going on in Iraq.

    If any country, culture, or social-economic system is being destoyed by the "War" on terror, it is the country called the "US."

    *It must be fast and cheap becasue combatants are at high risk of destroying themselves, economically, socially, culturally.
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    I wonder if TurthSpeak has ever been to Londom? For sex and flirting, perhaps.
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